About Us

POCA’s Mission Statement 

The purpose of the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture is to create a stable and sustainable economic foundation for the delivery of affordable acupuncture, and to establish and maintain structures to that end.

POCA is a Cooperative owned by patients, acupuncturists, students, community acupuncture clinics, and their supporters, that organizes collective investments of time, energy, participation and money, to further its vision.

POCA serves a variety of member interests, including access to affordable, quality acupuncture and the creation of living-wage jobs in the acupuncture profession. POCA contributes to vital, healthy communities by providing hands-on members support for the success of Community Acupuncture clinics from schooling to start-up to success.

POCA’s Vision

To provide affordable acupuncture care for at least 50 million Americans by 2020.
To foster the growth of community-based professional training programs for community acupuncturists
To create living-wage jobs for acupuncturists and clinic support staff
To create a micro-lending program: for clinic start up or for clinic expansion that involves job creation
To fund scholarships for acupuncture students
To create collective marketing campaigns for community acupuncture clinics
To build social capital via creating jobs and providing needed services in an affordable manner