POCA Volunteer Orientation

May 3, 2017 to May 3, 2017

POCA Tee-Vee

Thank you for joining or renewing your POCA memberships and THANK YOU for offering to Volunteer for POCA. 

We need you. 

Volunteer Orientations are now virtual and can be accessed at your convenience here

The goal of these meetings are to help folks that want to help out doing circle work to understand the basic structure of POCA's circles, and to get an idea of the kinds of projects happening. 
All circles meet regularly- some bi-monthly some every now and then. 

Bring your ideas, inspiration, creativity, boot-straps, and willingness to get shit done.

After watching the orientation you can direct questions via the POCA website private messaging to various circles as follows:

Elizabeth Ropp "Roppie"- Membership Circle

Sarah Lefkowich- Finance Circle

Jim Lohr- Clinic Success

Andy Wegman- Publications and Content

Cris Monteiro- Events

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