Flow Community Acupuncture (formerly Shasta C.A.)

General Information

Shasta County’s first POCA clinic and the northern most C.A. clinic in California. Opened in 2015, Jean and JP left Southern California with the dream of bringing affordable, accessible acuuncture  to a community in need of it. Formerly named Shasta Community Acupuncture, but all that changed was our name (we didn’t want to be confused with Shasta Community Health Center anymore). We operate with 12 chairs and one acupuncturist on shift at a time. Up until now we have been a husband and wife team, but are currently in the process of hiring a 3rd acupuncturist to add more availability to our schedule. 


J.P. O’Hara


2539 Victor Avenue
Redding CA, 96002 US


Phone: 5307109703
Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
website: http://www.flowredding.com

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