POCA is a multi-stakeholder cooperative that benefits patients, acupuncturists, clinics and businesses. POCA supports affordable healthcare and living wage jobs. There are several types of members.

Multi-stakeholder cooperatives recognize that producers and consumers are mutually dependent on one another, and that the health of the relationship between these groups is connected to the health of the larger community and economy. Cooperatives work because members sharing a common purpose commit to, and invest in, their cooperatives to raise money or other types of capital for specific projects, equipment or structures. Collectively the members of a co-op have more advantages and choices than they would on their own. Most co-ops are founded around shared values and principles. Core values among co-ops include self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity. They are traditionally expressed in the actions and decision-making of the cooperative. [referenced from here

POCA is growing both economic and social capital. Social capital is gained through relationships and it benefits those involved. All profits are reinvested in the co-op. Income and expenditure information is transparent and available to all members. Members vote on how co-op assets are spent. One of POCA's goals is financial transparency

Read about the transformation of the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) into the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA) and much more in the The Little Red Book series, No. 3.  

All of us have a stake in the success of Community Acupuncture clinics. Read more about what it means to invest in POCA.

Members can contribute their talents and interests to a movement larger than themselves. Be part of the growth and development of our cooperative by supporting via hands-on work using your skills and talents, or serving on a committee or the board.

Learn more about cooperatives, organizational governance, POCA clinics, and the stories, thoughts and insights of your fellow POCA members.

And finally, watch Community Acupuncture: The Calmest Revolution Ever Staged – the Official Community Acupuncture Documentary directed by award-winning film-maker, Brian Lindstrom.

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