Will there be CEUs offered for POCA Tv?

Currently, POCA offers about 15 courses for CEU credit.  The main content item featured in most of these courses is one or several POCA Tv episodes.  If you have joined POCA or renewed your membership, as Punk or Clinic member since January, 1st  2014 your membership benefits include 8 free online CEUs.  Learn more about our courses, or register for your 8 free CEUs.

I made a video about Community Acupuncture/ POCA, can I post it on POCA Tv?

Yes! We would love to post your video.  First you should upload your video to your own account on vimeo, youtube, or another similar video streaming service.  Then send us a link to your video using the video request form.  We will take a look at it and get it posted in the community video section of POCA Tv.

Who produces POCA Tv Videos?

POCA Tv videos are currently produced by Lisa Rohleder and Wade Phillips. 

Lisa and Wade

Not video professionals, but extremely determined and learning fast