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Do you need clinic support?
Posted: 19 February 2012 06:24 PM  
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1) If you have a basic question about CA, please search the forums and The Mighty CA wiki or POCA Employer wiki first. Also be sure to read Acupuncture is Like Noodles and Fractal.

2) If you are close to opening an LOC compliant clinic or have one already up and running or are an employee punk in an LOC clinic and are interested in having a Clinic Success Mentor, please start here.

3) If you still have a question that hasn’t been covered by following the steps above, feel free to use the link below. Someone will get back to you shortly.


Follow the above link and fill out the form to get in touch with the Clinic Success Circle.


I head up the Publications and Content Circle, we are responsible for the website and provide infrastructure for many of POCA’s projects.  If you’d like to help out let me know.