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All Members please complete information in your user profiles
Posted: 04 July 2012 06:01 PM  
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If you haven’t already filled in your name (first and last) and the clinic you are affiliated with either as a punk/student or patient please do so.

Here’s how:

First at the top right side of your screen look for the link that says Your Control Panel

After you click on the Control Panel link look for the Menu bar on the left side of the page.

Click on the first link there:  Edit Profile

Scroll all the way down the Edit Profile page and fill in all the fields with an asterisk, as well as your clinic or organization name.

Some of the fields that are now required when you sign up for POCA membership were not required previously.

Having everyone’s name, clinic name and address, email, phone, etc.  will make sure the our database is complete and useful to POCA.


Post below if you have questions.


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