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POCA Point Now Available
Posted: 03 November 2011 11:45 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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POCA Point was created from this acupuncture patient’s desire to reserve an appointment with one click. I was resting in my community acupuncture recliner thinking “I would love to make an appointment online, after hours and seeing the schedule in front of me”. I told Alexa —my punk— and we decided to build one to her needs. Little did I know that this whole “community acupuncture” thing was a — thing. The administrative needs at the clinic were pretty simple but very specific. Basically tons of people visit each day and all of them need to be placed, assigned, tracked, noted, checked-in and reported. The resulting “online scheduler” as we were calling it, improved business and patient care almost right away.
As of November 1st that scheduler is called POCA Point and is available for anybody. There is a $100 setup fee with a $40 monthly charge. The first month is free (unless you consider $100 not free), plus the first monthly charge is pro-rated based on the day you sign up.
Visit pocapoint.com to signup.
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