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CAN Facebook Page now closed for comments, use POCA Facebook Page
Posted: 22 January 2012 09:08 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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As a result of last week’s Inreach meeting, it was decided the CAN FB group would be closed and all activity funneled to POCA FB Group Page.  Ultimately, this decision was made to funnel more people to the POCA website.

The information was posted on both the CAN and POCA FB groups for 10 days, and today the CAN FB group page is closed for further comments.  Some members of the CAN group have maxed out their number of allowable groups and leaving one group may still not allow them to join another (POCA) group, so they will be directed to http://www.pocacoop.com.

In the process of closing the CAN FB group, all former admins were removed so that no further comments may be posted and no further members can be admitted.  That leaves only me as admin, as a member of Inreach.  Anyone believing they have a need to retain Admin status for CAN FB group, let me know.  There may be changes in the future that require this.


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