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ACMAC trial membership now until June 1st
Posted: 15 April 2012 07:58 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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POCA is running a special deal for ACMAC members now until June first.  The deal is that ACMAC folks can
try out POCA for 3 months for a 1/4 of the regular fee.  After that if they’re hooked they’ll have to renew at the annual rate.
We’re hoping that they’ll find it worth their time and money to come hang out with us over here on this forum,
and who knows, you may have ACMAC folks visiting your clinics too!

Most of you reading this, as regulars in our forum, would agree that it is a great place to come
and get information, share stories, ask questions, and generally just hang out with each other.  The collective
experience that is archived here just in this forum is incredible.  And as the movements grow here and abroad there are always
new clinics opening and more and more experiences to be shared… with other people!  What’s better than that?

We’re hoping to infect the UK movement, with ACMAC clinics at the front, with a bit of our radical fervor,
our organizational glee, a ton of practical information, and our desires to poke a million and more people. 
The trial memberships give access to the punk forum, the fishbowl, the public forum, the Mighty CA wiki, and PPP.

So if you bump into some of our ACMAC friends around the forum, please give them a big POCA welcome.


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