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CAN Posting Policy
Posted: 03 January 2009 12:34 AM   [ Ignore ]  
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CAN’s main goal is to advocate for making acupuncture more affordable
and accessible by promoting the practice of offering acupuncture in
community settings for a sliding scale ranging within $15-40 a
treatment. It is to this end CAN will continue to move the website and
forums forward on a daily basis. With this in mind, the CAN BOARD has been moved to implement a posting policy effective immediately for all CAN members/users.


CAN Posting Policy

The purpose of this policy is to maintain the CAN website as a functional environment that fulfills the mission of CAN, which is to promote community acupuncture.  The CAN website will not host discussions at the expense of promoting community acupuncture; because this is a concern, given the realities of communication on the Internet, the CAN Board has created this posting policy.

1. The CAN Blog and the CAN Forums are moderated by the CAN Board.

2. The CAN Forums are moderated more heavily than the CAN Blog, because the purpose of the CAN Forums is to help people understand and implement the community acupuncture business model; the purpose of the Forums is to be useful. If any thread, comment, or post is deemed by the CAN Board to be not useful, it will be deleted. If any CAN member consistently posts in a way that the Board deems not useful, that member will be banned and his or her membership revoked.

What is not useful, includes, but is not limited to: deliberately posting controversial statements to gain attention for the sake of attention, deliberately posting controversial statements to incite argument for the sake of argument, encouraging any member of CAN to behave more like Gandhi and/or Mother Theresa, disagreeing with fundamental premises of community acupuncture as stated by Board Members or founders of CAN, and defending or promoting any aspect of conventional/private room/boutique acupuncture practices and/ or “hybrid” practices.  If you wish to do any of these things, you may do so on your own blog or forum, not here.

3. The CAN forums are not democratic. The Board is in charge of the discussion. The Board decides what is useful and not useful and is under no obligation to explain any of their decisions to anyone.

4. Challenging the authority of the CAN Board in any way, including challenging any moderating action, is grounds for immediate banning from the forums.

5. Constitutional rights to “free speech” do not apply to private forums. If the Board decides that you and/or your posts are not useful,  you are out.

6.  The standards for the CAN Blog are somewhat looser, because the CAN Blog is meant for public consumption. However, the same principles apply: the Board is in charge of the conversation. Challenging any Board decision is grounds for banning.

7. Summing up this policy, do not bite the hand that feeds you.
The CAN Board is entirely composed of volunteers. Most CAN Board members also own and operate a community acupuncture clinic.  This means that each CAN Board member is very busy, and is taking valuable time from his or her schedule in order to maintain CAN for the benefit of other members.  The CAN Board contributes their time and energy because they all believe strongly in the mission of CAN.  Please realize that this also means that no one on the CAN Board is being paid to put up with any grief whatsoever from any CAN member.
If the Board feels that any CAN member in any way is making their volunteer service anything less than utterly delightful, they are able, ready and willing to ban that person from the CAN website, possibly with no notice at all.  Due to the many sacrifices the Board has made for community acupuncture, they gleefully embrace the role of heavy-handed tyrants; they have fully earned it.  If people wish to read different viewpoints and perspectives about community acupuncture, they will find those viewpoints represented EVERYWHERE ELSE in the acupuncture world.  The CAN Board feels no obligation to represent or to tolerate here the points of view of people with whom they disagree.  Encouraging the Board, even ever so tactfully, to be more tolerant or even handed will get you banned from this website.  Don’t try to make the Board feel bad about their tyranny: it won’t work, because they enjoy their tyranny so much, and also, it will get you banned.  If you suddenly find that you have been banned, and you can’t figure out why, this is what happened: you bit the hand that fed you.

Posted by Ann Mongeau for the CAN board.