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Posted: 05 August 2013 08:03 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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This forum is a designated space for POCA’s Organizational Members to announce their products and services, and to let other POCA members- whether Punk/Student, Clinic or Patient/Community- when these products or services are being offered at a special rate or discount.

All posts here are subject to moderation based on POCA’s posting policy https://www.pocacoop.com/posting-policy and based on POCA’s Organizational Member guidelines posted below:

One of POCA’s roles for its members is to create connections between members’
needs and resources available to members.  Organizational membership in
POCA is designed as a way for other economic entities to participate with, and
in, POCA’s economy of social capital and solidarity. 

POCA defines Organizational Membership as that belonging to a non-person,
non-clinic, non-patient entity, and is generally recognized as the membership of a
producer, distributor, cooperative, social or community group, or any other group
of individuals who support POCA’smission. 

An Organizational Membership confers some different benefits than the
other categories of membership in POCA.  One of the primary benefits
for Organizational Members is exposure to other POCA members for the
purpose of advertising and promoting their organization and/or products
and services. 

POCA does not explicitly endorse the products or services of
Organizational Members.  Organizational members may only post about their products in the designated
“POCA MEMBER DISCOUNTS” forum.  Posting about goods and services in other forums should be limited
to information strictly relevant to the discussion thread, and will be moved to this forum or removed completely.

All POCA members are welcome to give their own personal endorsements of products posted in this forum, as well as asking questions or offering feedback to the provider of the products or services.

In part our goal is to provide POCA members with better access, either through knowledge, special pricing or bulk discounts, to the goods and services needed to run successful clinics.


Contact the POCA Membership Circle Members here:  https://www.pocacoop.com/wiki/circle_wiki/Link-to-see:-Membership-Circle-Members


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