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POCA Organizational Member Guidelines
Posted: 09 September 2013 08:40 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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One of POCA’s roles as a co-op is to create more connections between members’ needs and resources available to and from members.  Organizational membership in POCA is designed as a way for other economic entities to participate with, and in, POCA’s economy of social capital and solidarity. 

POCA defines Organizational Membership as belonging to a non-person, non-clinic, non-patient entity, and is generally recognized as the membership of a producer, distributor, cooperative, social or community group, or other group of individuals who support POCA’s mission. Organizational Membership confers some different benefits than the other categories of membership in POCA. 

- An organization whose mission or purpose supports the mission of POCA may join at
- Membership dues are paid annually on a sliding scale from $100 to $1000.
- Two (2) individuals who serve as representatives of the Organizational Member will each receive
  the following benefits:
    - The POCA newsletter Sticking Together, which contains articles written for patients and
    practitioners.  If you would like this emailed to more of your organization’s members, let
    us know.
    - The opportunity to offer hands-on-support for POCA (the organization) and/or a local POCA
    clinic (https://www.pocacoop.com/clinics/search/0,0/18000/)
    - 3 FREE First-visit treatment cards to give to friends or family, to be redeemed at any POCA
    member clinic.
    - A FREE acupuncture treatment the week of your birthday
    - New patient paperwork fees are waived for POCA members at all POCA member clinics.

One of the primary benefits for Organizational Members (ORGs) is the opportunity for exposure to other POCA members for the purpose of advertising and promoting their organization and/or products and services.  POCA does not explicitly endorse the products or services of ORGs.

- ORGs will receive one (1) listing in the Organizational Member Directory located on the
  http://www.pocacoop.com website. (Directory to be launched with http://www.pocacoop.com v.2 this winter.)
- ORGs may use the online forum “POCA Member Discounts”
  (https://www.pocacoop.com/forums/viewforum/177/) as a direct means to communicate with
  membership. Posting about goods and services in other forums should be limited to information
  strictly relevant to the discussion thread, and will be removed if they are inappropriately
- ORGs may also use the online forum as a platform to poll members on a voluntary basis (for
  example, to determine the usefulness of certain products or discounts to POCA punks and clinics).
  This facility is available to all members of the website, however future versions of the website
  may or may not have this functionality.
- ORGs may advertise in the POCA Circular, which will be distributed to all members monthly, for no
  additional charge.
- ORGs are invited to participate at POCAFests in representing their products/services and in
  taking part in these events as participants. 
- A representative of each member ORG, selected by that organization, may vote in any POCA
  referendum.  Since only individual practitioner or patient members (not organizations or clinics)
  may serve on the BOD, these are the only types of members that may vote to elect the BOD.
- POCA does not share member’s contact information with any vendor or organization and ORGs may not
  use contact information for POCA members available through the website.

If your organization performs work inline with POCA’s mission and would like to collaborate with POCA please contact any of our General Circle leaders.(Names and contact info can be found in the circle wiki https://www.pocacoop.com/wiki/circle_wiki/).


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