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Local SEO & Google Adwords Discount
Posted: 10 October 2014 04:18 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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Besides operating one of the country’s first sliding scale fee chiropractic offices in the US (thanks to POCA), I also operate a small business-focused Internet marketing company.  Hold on: we are not one of those snake oil salesmen or outsource all of our work to India.  All of the work is done here in Manchester, NH. 

What do we do?  We make sure your business is listed on all of the major local search aggregates (called citations).  Next, we look at your website to see opportunities for better ‘organic’ ranking and make those changes (with your permission).  Third, I would recommend creating a Google Adwords campaign that I would create and manage.  This allows your company to be seen by customers at the very moment that they’re searching on Google for the things you offer. And only pay when they click to visit your website or call.  In addition, I have new account coupons to entice you with.

I’d be happy to give any business a free analysis of their Local SEO rankings so they can see for themselves how visible they are online.  I’ll also give 10% off my rates to all POCA members. 

Contact me directly for more information:

Brian Caruso
Easy Street Interactive
.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)