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Looking for/musing about a partner…
Posted: 18 June 2019 04:01 PM   [ Ignore ]  
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I am up and running again as a hybrid clinic. Originally started as a CA in 2007 and closed in late 2011 due to illness and more…

The current framework of my clinic suits a solo game. But if I want to grow, make a living, serve more people, and respect my aging process I need a partner.

Currently, I average 30-40 visits/wk. So I’m at that next move on the growth chart- add a partner, bring in volunteer help and expand visits.

What I have to offer:

A CA room with 4 chairs (the private room with a table and chair can also be utilized for CA) used only 2 shifts a week currently T-10-12 and F 3-6

A private room with a recliner and a table in it that is used during the rest of my business hours.

8+ yrs of CA practice experience and a beautiful office setting.

I am a single 50+ who is very good at 1/1 communication, teaching, original thinking… and I’m not so good at the mundane, nerdy, every day organization stuff and community building. I’m one of those logical, introverted, creative, adventure-seeking types- so I can come off cold. I’m really not. I love what I do. Am committed to it- never done anything but low cost acu/tcm- and I want to grow this practice to at least what HCA (my old clinic ) was at it’s most healthy. I say, at least, because I want more… and I envision a nonprofit.

Flexibility and a willingness to grow this practice into one that suits both ours and our patient’s/communities needs.

What I am looking for:

A partner. Not an employee. Someone whose skills fill in my gaps- a desk nerd with good community building skills, a passion for community acupuncture, a healthy communicator and a desire and willingness to grow something small into something large and sustainable, TOGETHER.

Younger in age and spirit. 

Someone who’s focused and committed to the practice, with little or no job irons outside.

A partner who has and is improving their healthy boundary skills and is committed to ongoing personal growth and self-awareness.

A good day-to-day practice manager.

If you think you might be interested and/or want to talk about it, please reach out. It’s easiest to reach me by text.




Michelle Marcotte HHP, MSTOM, L.Ac

Marcotte Acupuncture
2160 Fletcher Parkway Ste M
El Cajon, CA 92020
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