Join POCA as a Provider Member (formerly called Clinic Member) !

Provider members annual dues: $150 to $300

Joining as a POCA Co-operative Provider Member means being able to access, support and contribute to:

  • Our micro-loan program
  • Relevant, affordable online CEUs online.
  • POCA Fests, regional meetings, and other workshops.
  • Affordable education to train community acupuncturists.
  • Resources for opening, maintaining and expanding Affordable/Accessible/Trauma Informed health-care clinics and practices.
  • A knowledge commons that includes topics like: building community health partnerships, developing a legal frameworks to support affordable, accessible, trauma informed care, and much more.

Benefits for Provider members include:

8 Free online CEUs when you join and renew
Access to an active online forum and archive, a growing library of wiki articles.
A Provider listing on our popular international referral map – the Locate-A-Clinic page.*
Volunteer help in your clinic from POCA members.
Access to all POCA Tv videos.
The POCA Safety Manual.
Access to discussions on the clinic forums.
Advice, guidance, and mentorship through our Clinic Success program.
Access to the POCA Employer Wiki, stocked with HR, safety, and legal materials.
Invitations to local/ regional meetings, CA trainings, and POCA events.
Sticking Together – our e-newsletter.
Eligibility for micro-loans.
Access to our hiring network to employ dedicated punks.  

In addition each POCA member receives:

 3 free-treatment coupons to share with family and friends

a free birhtday treatment each year

waived new patient fees at  POCA member providers  

One Of The Major Benefits Of Membership Is Proprietary Information. Because Of This, No Refunds Are Available.

POCA reviews Provider memberships when joining  or renewing to ensure that members are in good standing. Members in good standing:

  1. Must accept POCA member  free-treatment coupons for friends and family (each member gets 3 of these coupons annually)
  2. Must honor free member birthday treatment coupons.
  3. Must waive new patient fees for current POCA members.
  4. Must clearly post their prices on their own website in order to have a publish listing on POCA's Provider listing. 

Ready to join? Start by selecting your membership payment amount:

  • Please select a price from the drop down menu to proceed.
  • If you have questions, please email our membership coordinator.