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Community acupuncture is healthcare by, of, and for the people. YOU can join the movement to bring affordable, safe, and effective healthcare to everyone.

Annual dues are sliding scale from $100 to 1000/year.

Joining POCA puts your membership fees to work immediately as we:

  • Develop a micro-loan program to open and support more clinics.
  • Create affordable educational alternatives to train community acupuncturists (aka punks).
  • Support punks in successfully opening, managing, and improving their clinics.
  • Promote legislative change to encourage and support community acupuncture.
  • Provide a working model for sustainable, ethical, affordable community healthcare practices.
  • Increase access to affordable acupuncture for all.

Benefits for organizational members include:

  • Becoming preferred service/goods providers to the largest network of acupuncturists in North America.
  • Advertising services/businesses in our community newsletters.
  • Sticking Together – our e-newsletter.
  • Creating opportunities for employees and members to receive affordable acupuncture.
  • Networking with like-minded organizations to create and support sustainable, affordable healthcare practices.
  • Connecting with our growing, community-driven patient base via POCA publications.

Please read our Organizational Member guidelines.

One Of The Major Benefits Of Membership Is Proprietary Information. Because Of This, No Refunds Are Available.

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