Our Organizational Structure

POCA’s governance is based on the principles of sociocracy; its structure works to organize the social capital of the CA movement. Social capital includes the time, energy, skills and goodwill that co-op members contribute. POCA would not exist at all without generous investments of time from many different co-op volunteers.

Current board members:

Community Member Bob Whirlow from Providence Community Acupuncture in Providence, RI

Community Member Donna Landazuri from East West Natural Medicine in Pinole, CA 

Community Member- OL to GC Carol Young from Urbana Acupuncture clinic in Urbana, IL  and BOD Vice President

Punk Member Mike Kalebich  - BOD President

Punk Member Mackenzie Muir

Punk Member and GC Rep to the BOD James Lorr and BOD Secretary


POCA‘s main decision-making body is the General Circle. It is made up of the BOD's elected Operational Leader and two members of each Department Circle. Department Circles and their leaders are:

Membership Circle- Pam Chang, Mike Kalebich

Finance Circle-Molly Fread, Sarah Lefkowich

Publications and Content Distribution- Wade Philips

Events Circle- Cris Monteiro, Amy Severinsen  

Clinic Success Cirlce -Jim Lorr, Cait Cain and Sonja Sivesind

POCA Regional Coordinators are selected on a local/regional basis. Other projects include legislative, jobs creation, and newsletter production.

The General Circle deliberates on matters concerning the co-op as a whole (mainly budgets and policy) and reviews proposals made by co-op members. 
Any co-op member can
 bring a proposal to the GC

Staff members are: Carmen Doerge -Financial and Administrative Coordinator; Wade Phillips -Technical Coordinator; and Peter Frey - Membership Coordinator

You can contact staff or circles members via email. Members can log into the site and find more information in the Circle wiki.

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