POCA/live is an online discussion/gathering for people in and around the acupuncture community.  It is presented by POCA volunteers and features presenters who are both POCA members and non-members.  It is presented as live webinar every two weeks with audience participation and then posted to POCA Tv after the presentation.

Attendance $0 - $20 sliding scale


Past Events

COVID-19 Panel | Movement Building in the time of COVID-19

On Tuesday, June 2 at 12noon EST/ 9AM PST join POCA's Movement Building Circle as they facilitate a conversation on Movement Building in the Time of COVID-19: How do POCA members meet the crisis and opportunity of this moment to build connection, community, care, and transformation?

Facilitators: Caroline Picker, Daniel and Lourdes from Caminando La Utopia, Ren Pilinger, Nicole Maniez


COVID-19 Panel | How are folks preparing for reopening

On Wednesday, May 27th at Noon Eastern/9am Pacific, POCA/live presents a timely and productive panel discussion detailing re-opening of our community acupuncture clinics after shutdown.

Panelists will share first-hand experience of preparing for and restoring their clinic's primary activities.  Questions from attendees will be welcomed and answered as able.

Presenters: Susan Wiggins, Stephani Sarnoski, Faune Towery, Justine Deutsch Meyers, Jax Rogers


Pandemic Care: Gua Sha, Cupping, Moxa while at Home

Learn easy ways to boost your immune system and strengthen your lungs at home using Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques. We will demonstrate gua sha (skin scraping), cupping (vacuum suction), and moxibustion (heat therapy) that you can use on yourself or members of your family.

Presenters: Shelby Smith, Carrie Sawtell


Sociocracy: the Governance of POCA 

This live chat will be a presentation of what sociocracy is (including explanation of consent vs consensus, circles, and double-linking), its history, and how POCA uses it as a governance.

Presenters are Cate Maxon and Rachel Lutz, with special guest Laura Berglund who will talk about the structure of circle meetings, and as an alumni of POCA Tech, will answer questions about how policies are created and established in a sociocratic school.

We plan for a Q+A time at the end (40-45 minutes).


Community Acupuncture in the Time of COVID-19

Approximately one month into stay-at-home we hear from solo punks, employers, punk employees, and big clinics about what we're thinking the current state of things.