POCA TV is a project of POCA's Publications Circle.

We make videos to meet the needs of our members for support, training, and sometimes just general hilarity.

If you are a POCA punk who is new to community acupuncture, you'll find videos from your more experienced comrades showing you how to do what they do. If you're a POCA clinic staff member, you'll find videos from other POCA clinic staff members with great tips and inspiration. If you're a prospective POCA Tech student, you should watch everything! It's never too early to start learning about all the skills that go into running a successful clinic.  If you're a POCA patient member, we're working on videos especially for you -- stay tuned. And if you are a prospective apprentice or preceptor, we want to make your job easier by sharing the knowledge of other POCA members. Tell us what you want to see, comrades!

POCA Tv Channel Guide

Often times POCA Tv videos are designed as a part of a series or variations on a theme.  Check out these different groups of video.

Clinic Tour

Real Talk Podcast


CA and Parenting - April

Cait On Being a CA Employee and a POCA Volunteer

Case Study In Clinic Sustainability: A Successful Partnership

Come To POCA Fest!

Community Acupuncture and Parenting - Justine

Dealing with Difficult Patients - Michelle Rivers and Cait Cain - POCA Fest Tucson

Employee Panel - POCA Fest RI 2015

Employer Vs. Employee: Cage Match!

Fast Paced Diagnosis, Decision Making, and Treament in an Overbooked Clinic - Kevin Campopiano

From Patient to Front Desk

How To Fill Your Schedule and Your Clinic: Boosting the Numbers

How to Get Patients Involved with POCA - Jenna and Dave

How to run a BDC in 500 sq. ft. or less

Individual closing remarks from POCA Fest RI 2015

Interview with Lisa Baird

Keynote Speech - POCA Fest Tucson 2014 - Lisa & Lisa

Mistakes We've Made

Moving to a bigger space - Nicole Murray

My Clinic Just Became A 501(c)(3) non-profit. Let me tell you the details.

Neocolonialism/Postcolonial Criticism in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine - Tyler Phan

POCA Fest Keynote - Marin 2016

POCA Fest Keynote Speech - Twin Cities Fall 2014

POCa Fest Marin Keynote: Dangerous Potential - Lias Rohleder

POCA Fest Marin Recap - Jade Fang

Resilience - POCA Fest Tucson Opening Speech - Andy Wegman

Tales from POCA Fest

The best and hardest part of punking - POCAFest Marin 2016

The Expanded Pie List - POCA Fest RI 2015

The Numbers Talk - CA 101

The State of POCA - Circle Reports at POCA Fest Tucson

Trauma Informed Acupuncture Breakout at POCA Fest RI 2015

Understanding Struggles of Parent Punks - Korben Perry - POCA Fest RI 2015

Websites and Web Applications in the Community Acupuncture Clinic - POCA Fest Breakout 2016

Receptionist Love

The BDC Channel

CA 101

Acupunk Skills

3 Intakes in Less than 5 Minutes

About Painless Needling, by Whitsitt

Anatomy of an Intake: Intakes Part 1

Another Intake and Commentary by Skip


Dealing with Difficult Patients - Michelle Rivers and Cait Cain - POCA Fest Tucson

Distal Point Combinations - Justine Myers

How a Superpunk Uses the 80-20 Principle, by Moses Cooper

Intakes for Complex and Chronic Conditions

John on Needling

Order of Operations

POCA Tech Preview!

Punk Job Description Part 2: Diagnosing & Orienting

Punk Job Description Part 3

Punk Job Description Part 4

Situational Punking #1

Situational Punking #2

Situational Punking #3

Situational Punking Bonus

Situational Punking Bonus #2

Skip and Lisa on the Punk Job Description

Skip on Needling

Spanish for POCA Clinics: Lesson 2 - Treatment Room, Time, & Money

Speed Skills for your Community Acupuncture Clinic

Suicide Prevention Training with Lisa Achilles

Superpunk 1, Urgency

Superpunk 2, Intensity and Obsession

Superpunks on Weight Loss and Stop Smoking

The best and hardest part of punking - POCAFest Marin 2016

Two Halves of Carmen: about Needling

Wade on Needling

Weight Loss, Stop Smoking, & Lifestyle Advice

Whitsitt's Breakout Session on Treating Chronic Pain