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Often times POCA Tv videos are designed as a part of a series or variations on a theme.  Check out these different groups of video.

Why POCA Tv?

Because sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words:

When you’re new to community acupuncture and trying to figure out how to do EVERYTHING on your own; when you’re struggling with something in your clinic and, even though you’ve asked for help on the forums and from Clinic Success, you really wish that somebody could just SHOW you; when you’re training a new employee, either acupunk or admin, and you wish you could just have them sit down and watch a video about it; when you had to miss a POCAfest or a workshop and you’re reading the presenter handouts on the forums and you know you must have missed a lot; when you need another way to communicate about community acupuncture to your patients...

And of course, when you’re getting ready to kick down the door labeled “acupuncture school” for everybody who can’t afford it, and you need to train apprentices, support preceptors, and set up another funding stream for your future ACAOM-accredited program --

Why then, what you need is for your co-op’s Publications Circle to launch a new project: video-on-demand.

How does POCA Tv work?

We make videos and you watch them. These are the categories of the videos we’ve made or we’re going to make: Basic Punk Skills, CA 101, Clinic Admin (front desk, etc), Big Damn Clinic, Visit a Clinic, For Patient Members, For Prospective Students, POCAfest, and Apprenticeship. In about a year, we hope to add a new channel: POCA Tech Classes (an ACAOM candidate program)!

Here’s the deal:

POCA members have been asking for video content and video trainings for years now (because it’s a great idea!) And one of the ways that we want to try to keep the cost of tuition down for POCA Tech students is to film all our classes and let people watch them online for a modest monthly fee. (Another great idea!) The thing is, everybody involved with POCA is already very busy. Creating and editing videos, not to mention running a video-on-demand service, is time-intensive, which means that POCA can’t do it for free, and POCA Tech is going to be hard-pressed to pull it together in the middle of doing everything else to get the school off the ground.

So, you are probably wondering "How is POCA Tv funded"?

Funny you should ask -- we’re looking for sponsors!

Sponsorship could look like this:

POCA Tv sponsored by:


or  it could look like this:


POCA Tv sponsored by:

So this is the plan:

POCA is floating the first month or so of POCA TV to see if there is enough interest to support it. There is a charge to watch some individual videos -- but what we would really like to do for consistency’s sake is to recruit sponsors for POCA TV.

If we can recruit 275 individuals and/or clinics to sponsor POCA TV at $15 a month, we can cover most of our costs for a year -- which is around when POCA Tech should be starting up.

For $15 a month, you get to watch ALL of the content on POCA TV, which is a substantial savings over paying to watch all of the videos individually. And because we’ll be adding at least four new videos a month, sponsorship becomes a better and better deal with each successive month. The same $15 gets you more and more videos! If you sponsor POCA TV for 12 months in a row, we’ll even make you an awesome POCA TV t-shirt. There is no other way to get one of those! (Note: because POCA TV runs on a Vimeo platform, we can’t automatically bill you every month or take payment upfront for 12 months. If you want a t-shirt, you’re going to have to contribute $15 each month, and then send us your receipt from Vimeo.) Sponsors will be listed with a big THANK YOU on our sponsorship page. Also, when it comes to filming new content, we’ll be taking suggestions from our sponsors first. From your lips to our ears!

We’re giving ourselves 6 weeks to see how this goes. If we have 275 monthly sponsors in 6 weeks (and/or a ton of views of individual videos), great! If not, we have a couple of options, neither of which we like much: 1) look for corporate sponsors for POCA TV (“This video brought to you by our friends at Acupuncture Today!”) or 2) discontinue  filming and adding new content, and re-think the idea of putting POCA Tech classes online. Like most other things in the POCAverse, POCA TV needs to pay for itself.

So, become a sponsor,


POCA Tv is sponsored by:

Support POCA Tv today!

Welcome to POCA Tv

POCA TV is a project of POCA's Publications Circle.

We make videos to meet the needs of our members for support, training, and sometimes just general hilarity.

If you are a POCA punk who is new to community acupuncture, you'll find videos from your more experienced comrades showing you how to do what they do. If you're a POCA clinic staff member, you'll find videos from other POCA clinic staff members with great tips and inspiration. If you're a prospective POCA Tech student, you should watch everything! It's never too early to start learning about all the skills that go into running a successful clinic.  If you're a POCA patient member, we're working on videos especially for you -- stay tuned. And if you are a prospective apprentice or preceptor, we want to make your job easier by sharing the knowledge of other POCA members. Tell us what you want to see, comrades!

Mistakes We’ve Made

The panel discussion from POCA Fest Tucson.  Presenters discuss the mistakes they made on their road to a successful CA clinic.


posted on March 25 2014 by Wadelp

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Keynote Speech - POCA Fest Tucson 2014 - Lisa & Lisa

The keeynote speech from the 2014 POCA Fest in Tucson, AZ.  Presented by Lisa Baird and Lisa Rohleder


posted on March 17 2014 by Wadelp

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Clinic Tour: Acupuncture Together in Austin

Ashley O’Brian of Acupuncture Together in Austin put this clinic tour together to celebrate the clinic's fourth anniversary.  Acupuncture Together in Austin is currently  sees between 140- 160 patients per week in 40 hours.  Congratulations of your first 4 years!


posted on March 3 2014 by Wadelp

Channels: CA 101
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How Acupuncture Works - By Nicole Maniez

Nicole Maniez of Jersey Community Acupuncture created this video to help explain how acupuncture works.  It will make you HUM!


posted on February 18 2014 by Wadelp

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Clinic Tour: Jersey Community Acupuncture

Take a look at Nicole Maniez's clinic, Jersey Community Acupuncture.  Thanks for creating such a great video and showing us your clinic Nicole!  


posted on February 18 2014 by Wadelp

Channels: CA 101
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