Practice, Practice, Practice…

Throughout my childhood I found myself observing or participating in art classes on a regular basis. For over twenty years my father taught drawing, painting, and color theory at the local art college and in private classes. Many of these classes were held in the evenings and as a young high school student that gave me the opportunity to spend time in town with friends or skateboard before driving 20 miles back to our rural home. Sometimes, though, at the end of one of these evenings, I would hangout in my dad’s classroom and, out of interest, participate in some of the class exercises. From these many experiences one particular exercise that my dad taught still stands out in my mind due its mix of challenge, fun, and fright. The exercise is simple. My dad would “loosen up the class and get the creative juices flowing” by asking people to draw or paint a complete picture, with all necessary

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posted on April 4 2008 by Moses.C

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Energy Marketing

I was announced a winner this week in the StartRight! Business Plan Competition for Women Entrepreneur’s through the Rockville Economic Department. I’m thrilled because there were 39 entries from MD, DC, and VA.  The other winners were all very high-tech business, some of which had already gone global and acquired over a million dollars in seed-financing…and I have this tiny-little, one-woman-show, community-acupuncture clinic.

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posted on April 3 2008 by Jessica Feltz

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The Power of Feng Shui

After my business partner Justine decided to go set up her own clinic I thought I would hire a professional feng shui consultant.I ended up calling Feng Shui Boston which is run by Mary Stewart of the compass school of feng shiu.When she mapped out my office she calculated the “flying stars” for the year for my office.She made a point of saying that room we were using for office work was in the Five Yellows which apparently means great misfortune.No wonder I was getting headaches working there!

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posted on April 2 2008 by thomasriordan

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WCA Modifies Operations in Response to New Clean Needle Technique Guidelines

In response to the newly released Clean Needle Technique guidelines (, which replace the earlier rule that acupuncturists may not touch the shaft of the needle during insertion with the new stipulation that acupuncturists may not touch the needle AT ALL  at any time during a treatment, WCA has decided to modify its clinic operations. The new Clean Needle Technique guidelines are similar to the previous ones in that they are not precisely clear how acupuncturists can implement them in an actual clinical setting, with actual human patients, so WCA has resolved to obey the letter of the law and embrace these regulations as an opportunity to create a fully automated clinic.

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posted on April 1 2008 by Lisafer

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New clinic, free treatments

It occurred to me that the last month or so of preparation for opening my clinic has been filled with a lot of really mundane details. It feels great to get all that preparatory stuff out of the way—accumulating the furniture, setting up the reception area, getting the logo designed, making new intake forms, consent forms, and all the rest. I feel like a benchmark has been reached, and I feel like celebrating, but I think an open house is premature. For one thing, I only have one patient so far! CommunityHealthAcupunctureCenter in Royal Oak, MI, is finally ready for patients, but are the patients ready for CHAC?

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posted on March 31 2008 by Darlene

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have business plan, win money!

Last week I got an email from the organization that gave me and Korben a loan when we were starting out 7 months ago.  The subject line announced a women-owned business award of $2000.  I almost ignored it completely but it was nagging at me.  I read it.  All you needed to compete, it said, was a completed business plan and a compelling reason that your business could use the money.  I called and it turned out that last year, only one person had applied for it.  I had hope.  

To make a not-so-long story even shorter, I am blogging to say that I filled out the application, sent in the business plan and required legal pieces of paper, and a few days later received a phone call saying that I had won the $2K.  That night they came to interview and photograph me.  Next week I am going to pick up the check.

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posted on March 30 2008 by ellengrover

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Just thinking about how lucky we are…

I’ve been working lately with a very talented rolfer/cranio-sacral therapist who has taken her work to the level of art.She disappears into her work when the client is on the table, and loses all track of time when working.She is gentle, yet persistent, and rejoices and celebrates whenever her fingers feel an engagement during the movement.I find her work quite amazing, and yet here she is, after 20 years of honing her craft and studying with the giants in her profession, still struggling to pay basic bills and sharing a room with other practitioners.

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posted on March 26 2008 by lumiel

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About a year ago, I came across a book by clinical psychologist Elaine Aron, Ph.D., "The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You", 1996.  Aron writes HSPs (highly sensitive persons) are found in approximately 15-20% of any population (including animals). HSPs have more finely tuned central nervous systems which makes them more susceptible to environmental stimuli.

The stimuli can be noise, fragrance, certain foods, beauty, pain, etc.  HSPs process this sensory stimuli more deeply than the other 80% of people.

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posted on March 25 2008 by david villanueva

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Anger, Reality, and Planet CAN

 The discussion around Ann’s post below, “To the Acupuncture Community”,  got me thinking about a discussion I’ve been wanting to have with you all for a while now.

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posted on March 25 2008 by Lisafer

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To the Acupuncture Community

At the heart of the CAN movement is anger at the failure of medicine to serve community.

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posted on March 23 2008 by annmongeau

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