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At the heart of the CAN movement is anger at the failure of medicine to serve community.

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posted on March 23 2008 by annmongeau

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New Clinic is open in the SF Bay Area!

I am posting below a guest blog from my sweetie, Paul, describing our new clinic.
I will just preface it with a couple of comments:
We are in Albany, CA, just north of Berkeley.
We had a lovely "soft opening" last Wednesday. We treated 20 people in the first two days of business.
We are currently open 3 days a week and have 30 appointments booked for the upcoming week!
Later this week we are having a space-clearing and blessing ceremony and we plan to have an opening reception sometime in the next month or two. 
Our website is here:
Photos are here:
Paul's blog: 

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posted on March 23 2008 by tatyana

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On Toy Trains, Drugs and Global Justice

On good days at work, which really are most days, I feel like my grandson Zach’s favorite storybook train, Thomas.Thomas is happiest when he feels really useful, and being a Community Acti-punctur-ist * definitely gives me that feeling.I feel way more useful than I did for 10 years of conventional practice.Beyond that, I feel useful to folks who, due to class status, income or age, have fewer options.

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posted on March 22 2008 by Diana

Tags: gratitude
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Merging with community

Usually when I need acupuncture I treat myself. So much for relaxation….Typically I’ll lie on the floor as I needle the usual suspects. This past week, out of the blue, a wind invasion hit me like a ton of bricks. I still hadn’t even considered coming to our clinic until I remembered that my business partner had come in the day before. Hmmm….What a great idea!

What better nurturing experience then having somebody ask what’s about you and treat you with acupuncture? It’s so easy to forget how great acupuncture can be when you give it yet don’t receive it. Doing it to oneself just doesn’t cut it. After the placement of Yin Tang I felt as if a collidascope of worlds were swirling inwards as I slowly lost consciousness. It was a great experience. I can see why these people come back every week!

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posted on March 17 2008 by Joseph

Tags: community
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Art and healing and sustainable business

This is inspired by Andy's post below. He refers to an article by Kevin Kelly.
Look it over if you haven't. As I was reading it, my wife walked by the computer and said "oh yeah, that's an awesome article." What I'd like to write about here is why she, an artist, and I, and acupunk, had both come across it, and why it's meaningful to both of us.

My wife, Amy Walsh, has totally changed her relationship to earning a living as an artist over the last year or so. These very conscious shifts have in no small way been informed by Lisa Rohleder's book about changing the business of acupuncture, and by helping me

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posted on March 16 2008 by korbenp

Tags: musings
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Poignant and humorous glimpse of a week in a CA clinic

A week or so ago, the thought suddenly occured to me that my patient profile had radically shifted from my days as a boutique acupuncturist. On this particular morning, we had three patients - one was a middle aged woman who had been sleeping in her car for years. Another was a black man living in a Tent City. A third was a single mother working at a job she hated and generally struggling to get by. The two women have since become regulars and the one who sleeps in her car seems to catch up on her sleep in our recliner.

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posted on March 16 2008 by River Jordan

Tags: patients
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Oh boy… here we go. Thanks.

Well, what do I say? It's been a while since I've been up here blogging, and a lot has passed.

First, let me explain my absence. In December I graduated from that great loan-driven institution known as ACTCM. At that point I buried myself in a pile of books and tried to digest everthing I learned in 4 years of TCM school. February 13, I went through the institutionalized hazing known as the Califonia Acupuncture License Exam, and spent 3.5 tortuous weeks waiting for the results. Last Friday they arrived -- I passed! Woo Hoo. Now I have the right to pay for a license and become an official acupunk!

Today, I renewed my CAN membership and updated from the Student level to the Practitioner level. Yep, I now have a title.

I promised Skip that once I finished the exam I would start posting on the front page again. So here I am, a few months absent, a week past my official turn, and I'm not sure what I have to say. Except thanks.

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posted on March 14 2008 by David Lesseps

Tags: gratitude
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On numbers and white lies

Patients have started asking this question again:  "How long have you been in practice?" I always hate to admit I've only been out of school for a couple of years, but really, it's just a horribly flawed question if the person is trying to figure out how much experience you have or don't have, let alone trying to figure out if you are reliable or able to help them at all.  I don't believe that more experience = better at acupuncture, but just in case it does, community acupuncture is the fastest track around.  

One of the great things about using an online scheduling service like Appointment Quest is that it counts things for you, like how many patients you've seen in any given length of time.  A search just revealed that I have had 1576 appointments in the past 7 months since Philadelphia Community Acupuncture opened.  That averages out to 53 patients a week, including the early and slower months.  I am probably seeing about 65 patients a week right now.

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posted on March 11 2008 by ellengrover

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Loving CA

I’m usually ready for blog week but I’m gearing up to move my clinic in July so time got away from me.So, I’ll tell you about my wonderful week at CA lastweek.

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posted on March 10 2008 by annmongeau

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Money does not equal wealth

A former classmate called me the other day raving about a clinic she had visited.  This clinic belongs to one of our former teachers.  Anyway, she went on telling me how busy he was and that while she was there, one of his patients left the office after paying a $280.00 bill for one visit.  (Now, keep in mind that she always refers to what I do as "that community thing".)  She thought it was so great that he was making so much money, charging for injection therapy (a big thing here in Florida), herbs and a visit.  "Well, isn't that awesome?" she asked me. Hmmm... 

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posted on March 6 2008 by SarasotaCA

Tags: gratitude
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