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posted on April 17 2017 by jenmylo

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Be The Change

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

One of my last two classes for my acupunk schooling is practice management where we discuss different aspects of running an acupuncture clinic. The other night the topic was insurance, basically its purpose, how it works, and some overview of what is needed if we want to bill insurances for patients, etc. A topic such as health insurance mixed with the hippy, alt. med. environment of acupunk school naturally leads to the telling of insurance horror stories and how patients are frequently hurt by the big, greedy, uncaring insurance corporations. I am not saying the stories aren’t true or horrific because they probably are; it was the irony of the situation that struck me because the next topic for the class was….fees.

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posted on July 14 2008 by cpowellaz

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Why We Love Our POCA Tech Sustainers (and Answers to Other Important Questions)

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posted on January 21 2015 by Lisafer

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