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GUEST BLOG: A Chiropractor’s Perspective on the FPD

Thank you to Todd Shulfer from Wisconsin who wrote and submitted this tome to the state-wide acupuncturists' online forum.  Special thanks for allowing me to re-post it here.

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posted on November 21 2009 by Jessica Feltz

Tags: economics fpd
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Shameless Nepotism Post

My brother in law, Keith Leon, has just written a book called “Who Do You Think You Are?”No, that’s not a challenge to your sense of self or family lineage; it’s a book about finding your life purpose.In the book, Keith interviewed 64 people regarding their life purpose, how they discovered it and what advice they would give to those who are still searching.He drew his interview subjects from many fields, but leans heavily on folks who are involved in the human potential and new thought movements. If you’re not sure who those folks are, they are a big part of the movie/book phenomenon “The Secret”.

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posted on April 13 2008 by Diana

Tags: book writing
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Letter to my dad about “owning” a business

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posted on May 11 2009 by korbenp

Tags: gratitude
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