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This post is about how the landscape of acupuncture jobs is changing due to the spread of Community Acupuncture and the emergence of CAN. I thought it would be interesting and revealing to ask some acupunturists that are reaping the fruits of this change first-hand to share some of their experiences.

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posted on November 15 2010 by tatyana

Tags: jobs
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AMA Reaches Agreement With ACAOM on Doctorate Degree Abbreviation

After much contention between the American Medical Association (AMA) and the ACAOM over the proposed first professional doctorate degree in acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, a compromise was reached that will alter the healthcare acronym landscape into a terrain that can be more easily navigated by patients.  The AMA has agreed to change the Medical Doctor abbreviation MD, to the new Western Med

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posted on December 11 2008 by The Zang Fool

Tags: humor
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Acupuncture is Like Noodles Read-Along/Discussion

Previous guest-poster, CA patient and fan, and blogger extraordinaire, brownfemipower (bfp) is hosting a read-along/discussion of Noodles over at the Detroit Community Acupuncture website.  

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posted on July 9 2009 by Nora

Tags: noodles
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