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Cross-Posted: Interview from No Country for Young Women

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posted on January 5 2012 by Lisafer

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The Untapped Potentials in “Community” Acupuncture—response to Lonny Jarrett

My dear friend and comrade Gene sent me a copy of an article in which, he said, "I think Lonny Jarrett gave community acupuncture a simultaneous fist bump, left handed compliment, and a call out (in the latest edition of California Journal of OM)."

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posted on May 30 2011 by Lisafer

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Overachievers and Anarchists - Some Thoughts Re: The Milwaukee Smackdown

Now perhaps we can all take a breath for a moment and consider a couple of other ideas about what all this adds up to. One of the things I admire most about this movement is that it isn't just about the medicine. As a matter of fact, it's less about the medicine than it is about the ideas underlying it.

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posted on August 31 2009 by bottley

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