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Another Take on the Fees Issue

Dan Clements of the Alternative Health Practice Blog sent me an email saying that he had put up a post titled "7 Ways to Make Peace with Your Fees" in response to the dialogue that Burton Kent and I had. I like Dan and his writing, so I went and checked it out, and then it got me thinking. And I'm wondering what you all would think. Note: this is an acrimony-free conversation so far, and I'm pretty sure it will stay that way -- so all of you who are tired of fee- related acrimony need not fear.


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posted on June 22 2008 by Lisafer

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POCA Tech: Some Math Required

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posted on July 29 2014 by Lisafer

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Acupuncture is Like Noodles Read-Along/Discussion

Previous guest-poster, CA patient and fan, and blogger extraordinaire, brownfemipower (bfp) is hosting a read-along/discussion of Noodles over at the Detroit Community Acupuncture website.  

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posted on July 9 2009 by Nora

Tags: noodles
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