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Regional Organizing Success with Sonja

In the greater Seattle area, we have 10 community acupuncture clinics. For the past year, we have been gathering as a community to work together to address several goals. Prioritizing the building of these relationships has been beneficial on many fronts. Organizing regionally in your area can help your clinics grow as well.

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posted on July 1 2011 by Karen Grosskreutz

Tags: poca support
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Acupuncture is Like House Cleaning

I was cleaning my house today. Well, I got through most of the kitchen, anyway. So I was scrubbing grout with the toothbrush (which makes it sound like my house must be really clean, but it's not), and thinking about how meditative labor is. Doing a simple job, shutting off the intellectual commentary.

Just like acupuncture.

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posted on September 6 2009 by obnicole

Tags: intuition
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CA office—work in progress

Oasis Community Acupuncture in Newark, CA has been open just over a year and until the last few days, the main treatment room was the smaller back room. The larger front open area was much noisier, since it faces a busy street.

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posted on March 25 2009 by david villanueva

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