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POCA members respond to the AAAOM survey


The community acupuncture profession is moving clearly in a direction toward simplicity in practice, accessibility to services, and ease of entry into the profession. Our legislative and educational institutions should reflect this reality. 

Demographics of practitioners and practice: <

POCA members respond to the AAAOM survey

Ah, the survey from the AAAOM. A large number of questions made presumptions about the profession in practice and future that simply don't reflect the reality created by community acupuncturists, our clinics, and most importantly, our patients. In order to clarify that reality, several of us have chosen

There's This Poem by Kay Ryan...Part 2

In less than 6 months, the executive directors of two major acupuncture organizations resigned without explanation -- Dort Bigg of the ACAOM and Rebekah Christensen of the AAAOM. Both had held their positions for a number of years. Of course, I don't know exactly why they quit. But since this

FPD and ACAOM for the gold!

In the new Olympic sport of Moving the Goalposts. Or is it Gaslighting? Hard to define, but it's clear we have a winner! In this blog post, a recap of a groundbreaking performance, along with some commentary from this thoroughly embittered viewer.


AAAOM Membership--Who and how many?

My recent posting -Put Your Input In-while focused on the mission, purpose and values of the American Association Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine AAAOM, raised questions and comments about who the AAAOM is, and who they represent.

Two board members from AAAOM responded to this posting with invitations

Put Your Input In...

Since the AAAOM is supposed to represent the entire profession I wanted to understand more clearly how they are attempting to do this.  I went to this page on their website to learn more: About the AAAOM