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Spanish for Acupuntura Comunitaria: Easy As !Uno, Dos, Tres!

[h3][size=6][strong]Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i]:[/size] Easy As [i]!Uno, Dos, Tres![/i][/strong][/h3]


[i]Estimados Amigos[/i], With great pleasure, we announce the inauguration of the [url=https://www.pocacoop.com/wiki/acupunk-wiki/Spanish-for-Acupuntura-Comunitaria/] Spanish for [i]Acupuntura

6 Treatments in 3 Days



I know we say it a lot, but the old CA adage “frequency trumps cleverness” bears repeating.

This week we had some new patients come in, let’s call them Frank and Marie.  Frank and Marie are a vivacious couple in their seventies

Apprenticeship Proposal Report #2

Back in December, I wrote Apprenticeship Proposal Report #1 and promised to write the rest real soon.  It's now February, not exactly real soon, but here is a follow-up.  

The first report outlines the problems that lead us to want some creative solutions to the

Clinic Stability through Change, Exit Strategies, and Removing Barriers

There's a lot going on in Philly right now.  I know some people have heard about PCA Mt. Airy, the second clinic that's in the works.  What most people don't know -- and it's still not to be made public knowledge yet please

Accessibility and Community Acupuncture Clinics

by Mark Fox

I became interested in Community Acupuncture (CA) while a patient at David Kato’s Chicago-based clinic.  As a professor with an interest in social entrepreneurship, the business model aspects of CA fascinate me; particularly, the ideas of increasing accessibility and the sliding

Acutake Blogs about CAN

Hey comrades, check out this new acu-blog. Sara Calabro is a REALLY good writer and my new favorite interviewer, too.  http://acutakehealth.com/community-model-improves-access