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A few words of support..

A few words of support..

This blog is in response to comments on this blog http://www.migrainesavvy.com/acupuncture-for-migraines.html by Holly Hazen.

On behalf of acupuncturists, I am sorry about the harshness and fearful overreaction displayed in the comments about your blog. 

6 Treatments in 3 Days



I know we say it a lot, but the old CA adage “frequency trumps cleverness” bears repeating.

This week we had some new patients come in, let’s call them Frank and Marie.  Frank and Marie are a vivacious couple in their seventies

So You Want To Be Employed as a Punk?

So You Want To Be Employed as a Punk?

If you think you’d like to work in an established community acupuncture clinic as an employee punk, here are some points to consider.  In full discloser I will say that I do not claim to

Guest Blog by Joe Smith: Who Knew Acupuncturists Could Have So Much Fun?


The following is a newcomer’s take on the POCAfest, from one of POCA’s first organizational members, Joe Smith, aka Artdude, creator of POCA Point.  This was originally posted on the Artdude blog.  



Who Knew Acupuncturists Could Have So Much Fun

CJOM article

**Posted in members forums only: https://www.pocacoop.com/forums/viewthread/4884/

Said Many Times, Worth Repeating


Frequent acupuncture treatments trump other Chinese medical modalities in potency.

This mantra has been weaved into CA workshops for some time now. I can attest to its accuracy, and like to pass it along as well.

One such occasion was

Venerable International Chinese Medicine Journal Publishes an Acupunk

Download the file here: https://www.pocacoop.com/file_attachments/JCM98_FINAL_22-25_Community Acupuncture.pdf

Apprenticeship Proposal Report #2

Back in December, I wrote Apprenticeship Proposal Report #1 and promised to write the rest real soon.  It's now February, not exactly real soon, but here is a follow-up.  

The first report outlines the problems that lead us to want some creative solutions to the

“I Had 7!” ...Especially for Acupuncture Students and Private Practitioners

About a month into my new community acupuncture practice, I texted Brian (my husband). Here's what I said:

'I had 7!" 

Students will appreciate the excitement of this moment. In a mere four hour shift, I treated seven whole patients! And talked to them too! And

More One Percent Acu-BS

Some members of the acupuncture profession seem more interested in obediently repeating the mantras of the 1 percent elites in America, rather than questioning the structure of power and yawning chasm of class inequality that prevent vast numbers of people from being able to afford acupuncture services. In a recent

Cross-Posted: 12 Reasons to Get Acupuncture in 2012


What it is, What it does: The documentary is working.

There were a lot of reasons why CAN enlisted Brian Lindstrom to film the documentary that hopefully we all know about and have seen and promoted by now.  First of all we know that Lisa Rohleder wanted it to change people's perception of what acupuncture is, what

Self Empowerment via Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture, what an amazing thing!  Affordable, just about anybody can come for treatment.  Efffective, because you can now afford to get more of what you need.  Natural and side-effects free, it has a wide and beneficial effect on the whole body.

It's also very awkward.


 Note: Jade (in the blog post right below that just got put up) and I didn't plan to write about much the same thing. It just turned out that way. Yo: that's how a coop works. We work together. 

There's an interesting essay in the New York

Community Acupuncture and the 99 Percent

Community acupuncture has much in common with the Occupy movement. There is urgent need to reform laws and cultural mores which legitimize obscene financial wealth and extravagant indulgence for the one percent. With seven billion people trying to live together on the planet, it is time for the age

Five Years, Five Local CA Venues

Yesterday we celebrated our clinic's five year anniversary with a big, noisy, high calorie, live music included party.  It was great to unite my open mic peeps with my acupuncture peeps in a sort of community soup.  A lot of the acu folks had no idea you could hear

Michael Fine on the nature of health and health care

Michael Fine's book, the Nature of health: How America Lost and Can Regain a Basic Human Value is an excellent read.  Check out chapter 15--toward a social definition of health on page 145. 

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