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Nick Kurtz and Aly Young talk about Apprenticeship.

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A few words of support..

A few words of support..

This blog is in response to comments on this blog http://www.migrainesavvy.com/acupuncture-for-migraines.html by Holly Hazen.

On behalf of acupuncturists, I am sorry about the harshness and fearful overreaction displayed in the comments about your blog. 

Apprenticeship Proposal Report #3

As you  may have read here and here, the proposal that was submitted to have apprenticeship accepted as a route to acupuncture licensure in Oregon was, for the moment, denied.  We had hoped that by adding significant didactic training to an apprenticeship that this could be considered

Apprenticeship Proposal Report #2

Back in December, I wrote Apprenticeship Proposal Report #1 and promised to write the rest real soon.  It's now February, not exactly real soon, but here is a follow-up.  

The first report outlines the problems that lead us to want some creative solutions to the

Apprenticeship Proposal Report #1

Last Friday, I found myself decked out in a business suit, tights, heels, and more than a little make-up. Even when I worked as federal bureaucrat I pushed the limits of business casual to the breaking point so what was the special occasion? I was at the semi-annual meeting