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Fun and Games


A couple of weeks ago at the Big Damn Clinic workshop, Demetra and I gave a presentation called Why Worker Owned or Doing It Together.  We presented an overview of different ways and whys to work collectively, and collaboratively, and took a quick look at

Fractals, or What I Learned at the BDC Workshop

Whew! The Big Damn Clinic workshop was a lot: a lot of fun, a lot of people, a lot to take in. Most of us at WCA spent all last week trying to recover. Now that I'm mostly back to normal, or for what passes for normal for me,

Holding Space for 161 Patients a Week

I wanted to blog about holding space and how my personal experience with going from hydrogen to tungsten.


Hi I am Jade. I love POCA. I am in a clinic about 500 sq feet in a city in Minnesota with about 27,500 people. We have 7 chairs

Resources from The Art of the Big Damn Clinic

What a fantastic weekend! The workshop WCA put on in Portland this weekend was probably the best opportunity yet for many of us to get clear on what our clinics are becoming: stable, sustainable, and successful. I think we also realized that our cooperative POCA community is a reflection

Opening Talk at the Big Damn Clinic Workshop

(But first: for those of you who couldn't make it this weekend, we are doing our best to put all of the materials for the workshop up online. Wade, our fabulous website-whisperer, has created a new category in the Mighty CA Wiki for the BDC. Check it out!

Big Damn Clinic....Now in Graphic Form!

Working Class Acupuncture has grown. How? How mcuh? How far? Check out the graph below (made by Wade) which shows the growth since 2006. (Yes, WCA opened in 2002, but we don't have the numbers from before 2006.) At the Big Damn Clinic workshop to be held Spetember 7-9 in Portland, we

Why You Can Do It: And Why Going to a CANference/POCAfest and/or getting a Treatment at a CA clinic

Blog Post: Why You Can Do It: And Why Going to a CANference/POCAfest and/or getting a Treatment at one of the HUGE clinics may be the BEST thing you've ever done for yourself

*disclaimer sometimes my humor can be a bit strange. Take it with