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On Community Style Acupuncture

I consider myself to be practicing Community Style.  It is a little hard to pin down exactly what that is.  This is mostly because everyone so far has started out learning something else first.  Depending on the practitioner,Community Style may contain elements of 5E, TCM, Kiko, auricular, tan,

Where Devaluing The Profession Gets Personal and Emotional

Lisa's Journal of Chinese Medicine article seems to have struck a nerve in many Acupuncturists, both pro-and anti. I am here writing about what's up with the anti people. I'll get there by way of a detour...

Hey you!  Have you seen the

Fluffing it, or thoughts on ability to pay and how hard I'll work

     Last week, or maybe two weeks ago, I was in my clinic on a busy day working my way around the room. It was a typical shift of two or three new patients mixed in with regulars. I found myself sitting next to a patient who was on her

Community Acupuncture & Me

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. I have now been a member of CAN for seven days, I attended the recent Working Man’s Acupuncture training, and I am opening my community practice tomorrow. I am so inspired by all of you, but especially Lisa Rohleder.

WOW! What a Deal???

This morning I woke up and received this email in my inbox from a service that gives daily deals on all sorts of things... including acupuncture.At first I laughed at the absurdity of this deal, and then I found myself feeling annoyed that people are

Boutique Acupuncture and Other Sundry Notions

Recently PCA put out its newsletter that was mostly filled with notices about our new hours, thanks to volunteers, and a welcome to our new hires.I wrote a little article about Community Acupuncture and how it is fostering more community and widening the circles of

Letting the Needles do the Work

I had a boutique Japanese acupuncture practice in Columbia Missouri for six years where I saw one patient at a time.  I used to talk to my patients quite a lot, listen to them, give them advice when they asked for it, and they would occasionally invite me to

Report back from the boutique

A patient started coming to see me recently - her first acupuncture ever - because she was getting ready for insemination.  She was getting a lot of acupuncture to increase her chances.  Since we weren't open on one of the days she wanted acupuncture, she went to someone closer