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Busy Without the Burnout

Lately, I have been using something I learned in school at Ad Astra.  I went to Tai $ophia and have the bill to prove it.  This blog isn’t about money or schools though.  Its about clinical practice.


At Tai

Celebrate Yourself Today! Community Acupuncturists!

Whew, I have been writing and editing so much lately I haven't had any words left in me for blogs. There's an exciting book a bunch of us are putting together from best of the best blog posts and a bunch of interviews with CA punks about working as

Burning Out Or How to Make Sweet Sweet Love to Your Clinic

**Warning most of all below is intended to be taken with a sense of humor. Please don't take it too seriously**

You know there’s rumors going around about how CA owner burn out. If you think of the numbers

You Never Give Me Your Money

I remember Lisa saying one time that an acupuncturist somtimes needs to have creative approaches to coming up with treatment plans for difficult cases.She encouraged us to have a creative outlet, consequently I decided to pick the guitar back up again

Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution!

I saw a bumper sticker that said Stop Bitching and Start a Revolution, I am trying to do that in my own little way with my clinic in this slightly conservative close knit Italian community.  It has been busier here since February and there are times when I have

Letting the Needles do the Work

I had a boutique Japanese acupuncture practice in Columbia Missouri for six years where I saw one patient at a time.  I used to talk to my patients quite a lot, listen to them, give them advice when they asked for it, and they would occasionally invite me to

Advice from my hairdresser

I just got my hair cut tonight and had a very interesting conversation with my stylist who, like me, is a relocated New Yorker.

The subject of last minute cancellations came up.  She said that she'd been going to the same dentist for 4 years, loved this dentist.