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POCA and the Commons: POCAfest Keynote 2018

 by Lisa Baird and Lisa Rohleder

1. Lisa B: the tragedy of the commons

A couple years ago one of my patients asked if her uncle could interview me. He’d written a book about business, and he was very interested in Guelph Community

Welcome to the Resistance- Greg Jones' Keynote from St.Pete POCA Fest

Keynote – Welcome to the Resistance

Welcome to St. Pete. First of all, I want to acknowledge that this land that we are currently occupying, along with the rest of the Tampa Bay region, was once the home of the Tocobaga people. Nobody is really sure how

Trade-offs and Truth

I haven’t been writing much, on the blog or on FB, for awhile in part because I felt like I couldn’t do any of that and also do my POCA Tech job. During the Candidacy site visit in the spring, one of the site visitors

What I'm Learning in Acupuncture School: Liberation Acupuncture

Since the early days of starting up POCA Tech, Skip has been periodically reminding me of a quote, “In any classroom, the teacher always learns more than the students.” I’ve never been able to successfully track down the source, but at this point I know

Capitalism, Emotional Labour & Community Acupuncture

Marin POCAFest 2015 was an wonderful weekend of inspiration, stimulus, support and dear friends. To borrow a quote from Nora’s excellent post-PFest blog: “My colleague Whitsitt once said that POCAFest is always great because in our jobs we are used to connecting with people quickly and getting