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Some propaganda for y'all.

You can download the pdf of this community acupuncture poster.

Acupuncture Together One Year Anniversary

Last week Acupuncture Together celebrated its one year anniversary.  In honor of this occasion I hosted a free treatment day on Thursday, May 28th and requested donations for The Pan African Acupuncture Project and Acupuncturists Without Borders.  It turned into a really wonderful day.  I treated 42 people and raised $600


Community Acupuncture on Cape Cod just finished a great 3 Year Anniversary celebration.  I am exhausted/delighted!

We sprang for some newspaper ads, which definately helped our attendance, which I believe was upwards of 50 people.  We had a harpist play live in the treatment room, and offered 1/2 hour

Approaching 3 Years, CAN style

Next month, our clinic will have been offering community-style treatments for 3 years.  Let me begin by letting out a big celebratory WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP to go with the above statement.

At the risk of writing the same blog post I always write, l have to say how