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Class and Classism in Community Acupuncture

Lisa Rohleder talks about the prevalent class issues that exist in acupuncture practice in the West and how the community acupuncture model is designed to provide access to people who otherwise wouldn't get acupuncture. Mature language alert: Lisa can't seem to talk about class without swearing. A

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POCA Tech Accreditation is Sexy

Dear POCA comrades,

If you need a reminder of why Community Acupuncture is important, please check out this article from Reuters titled “Arthritis may boost the risk of poverty, generally for women.”

“Women who developed arthritis were 51 percent more likely to fall

Is There Room for Us Here?

You guys, I miss blogging. An awful lot has changed over the last year, and so much of it’s for the better (infinitely better), but it’s been like being swamped by a huge tidal wave. I want to make sure things that are important to

Using a 0-10 Pain Scale Effectively

Ok, so this thread is pushing some buttons.  I have been meaning to write something about this because acupuncture school does such a shitty job of teaching us to evaluate pain and the 0-10 scale can be tricky to understand.

I know we all have good

Acupuncture for the New Economy

Or: Barbara Ehrenreich Explains It All, or: Why I Couldn't Finish My NCCAOM Survey

 Ever since we started teaching Community Acupuncture 101 workshops, Skip and I would argue periodically about the section where we talked about class. It's not exactly right, he would say. I

Acupunking in the Tomato Capital of Canada

This weekend I packed my needles and a sleeping bag and joined a crew of migrant justice activists driving south from Guelph to Leamington Ontario for Leamington’s first-ever migrant workers’ health fair. Leamington, home of the Heinz factory, is the tomato capital of Canada, and has

More on Privilege:

A great (old, re-introduced) article by Rebecca Solnit is making the rounds of the interwebs lately.  Nominally, it explains the phenomenon that has become known by the shorthand “mansplaining,” but I think a lot of what she’s saying applies to the workings of privilege in general, and how

Science Explains Why POCA Patients Are So Nice and Why POCA Punks (mostly) Love Each Other

OK, this article and the research it describes don't actually say anything of the kind, and it's not about us or our patients. It discusses the opposite phenomenon, that having money makes people unpleasant. I'm totally extrapolating that the converse is true, and I know you

Class Cultures, POCA and Peter Deadman

So I guess we were all somewhat surprised by Peter Deadman's recent comments about community or multibed acupuncture(CA/MB) and best practices.  After all, I had remembered that the person who is credited with co-compiling the definitive tome of point location used in most American acupuncture schools had

Best Practice for WHO?

 I debated whether to respond to these comments by Peter Deadman about community acupuncture. It seems like most of us in POCA have had this argument over and over. But plenty of students and new practitioners, especially in the UK, are having it for the first time. In

Secrecy vs. Transparency: A Community Acupuncture Response to Old Style Capitalism

Secrecy vs. Transparency: A Community Acupuncture Response to Old Style Capitalism.

In writing about transparency, perhaps it is fitting to start with a little self-disclosure. My ideas are all merely borrowed and re-expressed through the filters of my mind. This piece

Leadership in POCA Clinics. On being an owner AND an employee punk.

I’m now 7 months into transitioning from an owner punk to an employee punk. Having seen both sides, I have some thoughts and questions which I hope are useful when thinking about how a successful clinic, as well as this whole coop thing is going to

More One Percent Acu-BS

Some members of the acupuncture profession seem more interested in obediently repeating the mantras of the 1 percent elites in America, rather than questioning the structure of power and yawning chasm of class inequality that prevent vast numbers of people from being able to afford acupuncture services. In a recent

Gertrude and the Question of Class - By LisaB

Before I worked at Poke I had a lot of angst, despite my solidly middle-class background, about trying to make a living as a health care professional. This was partially bewilderment about how to make private treatments accessible and still make a living (I didn't know about community

Community Acupuncture and the 99 Percent

Community acupuncture has much in common with the Occupy movement. There is urgent need to reform laws and cultural mores which legitimize obscene financial wealth and extravagant indulgence for the one percent. With seven billion people trying to live together on the planet, it is time for the age

Community acupuncture and the political nature of Professional Boundaries

Last month I went to Vikki Reynolds' home office and sat in a supportive circle with a small group of service providers in east Van. These are people who work within a social justice framework and are dead serious about keeping their hearts open, about

When Pay-What-You-Can Is Problematic

Check out this story from the Portland Tribune about Panera Cafe's troubles with a nonprofit, pay-what-you-can model: http://www.portlandtribune.com/news/story.php?story_id=131663856972432200

I had two simultaneous responses to this article, which I wished I hadn't read while eating breakfast: sympathy and revulsion.

What's Wrong with This Picture/Pictures/Video?

Have at it, comrades: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXI_29BUL0g (Thanks to Aruna Elizadeath Ropp for posting it on FB and Mike Hulsey for calling me up in a rage; otherwise I would have missed it. Let the deconstruction begin!)

The Untapped Potentials in "Community" Acupuncture -- response to Lonny Jarrett

My dear friend and comrade Gene sent me a copy of an article in which, he said, "I think Lonny Jarrett gave community acupuncture a simultaneous fist bump, left handed compliment, and a call out (in the latest edition of California Journal of OM)."

The article is

Reflections from NADA conference

I attended (part of) the annual NADA conference in KC, MO this past weekend (didnt want to miss Friday at the clinic) and was impressed by a few different things.  Dr Michael Smith in his closing remarks had some choice words for LAcs.  He said that licensing for acupuncturists

2010 Census

Nowhere near as inspiring as the other blogs here on our home page, below is some of the data that Skip & Lisa present at their workshops, updated with the recent 2010 Census results.  I don't have an analysis about it, but you're welcome to share your thoughts in the

What is Class?

We see the clashing of class cultures in Larry and Lisa’s blogs below.  "Class is a funny thing, because unlike race and gender, it can be difficult to quickly assess who’s in what class.The US has no

Working Class Privilege

New Years Eve was somewhat of a slow day at clinic.We had three punks  working and saw about 30 people.Keith did the morning shift, while Michele did the swing shift and I worked the afternoon into the evening.Shoshana and Melissa split the desk.All

Institutional Racism and Acupuncture

I was disappointed there weren't more comments on Lisa's blog post regarding disparities. I am however aware that most, if not all, of us within the CAN community are very busy working to create successful clinics for the very purpose of ending those disparities - and perhaps busy raising

Response to "Acupuncture Is Popular, but You'll Need to Pay"

Dear Ms. Alderman,

Thank you for your article about paying for acupuncture. You put a lot of basic truths about acupuncture in to print, the ones that those of us who are absorbed in the field often have trouble conveying

Doing Art: a Needle for Northeast Portland

I have a story about art, acupuncture, classism, and communication.

A couple of years ago, I heard about a public art project in the works that involved placing giant acupuncture needle sculptures all over Portland. Curious, I went to the project's website, which at that point was

Slide and connect

So, along with my business partner Olivia, I'm just about ten days away from opening Chico Community Acupuncture. I moved out to the North-Central valley of California to follow my dream girl to her dream job in what Honora Wolfe likes to call "the land of fruits and nuts."

Thoughts on Racism

Forty-eight-weeks ago, I dreadlocked my locks. I spent five hours in a hippie hair studio while my curls were crimped, ratted, twisted, waxed, and knotted. We listened to 80’s music (in honor of the crimping and ratting), while I flipped through issues of Ode and Utne, trying not to

Little gems from Barbara Ehrenreich

I was checking in with some favorite blogs this morning, and through a thoughtful post by Lisa Factora-Borchers at Flip Flopping Joy and My Ecdysis, was referred to this great interview with Barbara Ehrenreich.I’m not going to make any big arguments about it right now, I just

CAN Meets Chopin

In light of the recent forum posts regarding CAN’s future, I was attracted to the following story to help me clarify my intention as a CA practitioner wanting to take a more active role in CAN’s evolution.

Throughout the history of classical music, men have

Guest Post: Lucas Van Meter


This summer I was a receptionist at WCA part time. One day  we got an email from an acupuncturist who we had sent a postcard to. I decided that it would be interesting to email back and try to reason with him so I took