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Birth of a Clinic: on skullcap, recliner placement, and finding my way around

As our patient base grows and grows, and more and more people are finding their way around the clinic, so am I. I realised this morning that the steady, intense overwhelm of a month ago or so has definitely receded.

This is partially due to skullcap herb.

It's All the Same

I've been working on materials for the Big Damn Clinic workshop and an analogy occurred to me. Having coworkers in a CA clinic (owners, employees, punks, receptionists, all categories) is a lot like treating patients in a CA clinic. Whether you are the owner or the employee, the

Celebrate Yourself Today! Community Acupuncturists!

Whew, I have been writing and editing so much lately I haven't had any words left in me for blogs. There's an exciting book a bunch of us are putting together from best of the best blog posts and a bunch of interviews with CA punks about working as

Leadership in POCA Clinics. On being an owner AND an employee punk.

I’m now 7 months into transitioning from an owner punk to an employee punk. Having seen both sides, I have some thoughts and questions which I hope are useful when thinking about how a successful clinic, as well as this whole coop thing is going to

Almost 3 Years Old!

Whew, it's been a while since my last blog. Been too busy working on POCA stuff to think about writing.

I noticed that people tend to taper off from blogging once they are about 2+ years into their clinics. Everything isn't so new and different anymore,

Making Social Business Work

We say that we're all about creating jobs, and we are. Like a lot of other things, though, that sounds easier and simpler than it actually is, and so there is a lot of room for misunderstandings, especially between employers and employees. There's a learning

My Readiness Manifesto

An interesting thing happened at the clinic last week.A thunderstorm knocked out our phone lines for the better part of three days, and even though we checked voicemail hourly, returned calls from our cell phones, and changed our outgoing voicemail directing patients to call my cell

Questioning Fortitude, and what does this have to do with the jello-pit

I'll get to the jello-pit part later.  

I've been really stressed out lately.  Clinic owners have a million and a half things to think about all of the time, but for several reasons this has been amped up for me and today, my heart blasted open because

Mandatory Binding Arbitration

Hey clinic owners!

Check out these links for some important discussions going on.



If you are a clinic owner on the LOC then you should have access to the above threads. <

Burning Out Or How to Make Sweet Sweet Love to Your Clinic

**Warning most of all below is intended to be taken with a sense of humor. Please don't take it too seriously**

You know there’s rumors going around about how CA owner burn out. If you think of the numbers

One Jedi's Approach to a Busy Clinic

*disclaimer* I am just going to try to keep it light and funny. I am not telling anyone HOW to succeed. I am NOT saying this is the ONLY way. Just giving some ideas. The Fundamentals: 1) Location: Easy to find or at the very minimum great signage. (how are