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Holding Space for 161 Patients a Week

I wanted to blog about holding space and how my personal experience with going from hydrogen to tungsten.


Hi I am Jade. I love POCA. I am in a clinic about 500 sq feet in a city in Minnesota with about 27,500 people. We have 7 chairs

POCA Micro-Loans Are Here!


One of the strong influences contributing to POCA's development is Professor Mohammad Yunus of the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2006. Professor Yunus is credited with the development of the concepts of microfinance and microcredit, which allow people who are

So You Want To Be Employed as a Punk?

So You Want To Be Employed as a Punk?

If you think you’d like to work in an established community acupuncture clinic as an employee punk, here are some points to consider.  In full discloser I will say that I do not claim to

How to Succeed in CA Without Really Trying

So you want to open a CA practice. You’ve reviewed the requirements to be a POCA clinic, and you think: “Sure, okay, I can live with those.” This blog is about what’s behind those guidelines. It’s about the spirit of a

Clinic Success...a hand up if your clinic is struggling

One of the most compelling reasons I joined CAN in the first place was the support that was offered to a ‘punk who wanted to do Community Acupuncture.  I was amazed that CAN was giving away business plan models and sharing the secrets to their success in running a

The Clinic Isn't Ours Any More

so, yeah, the New Year's eve "look back, look forward" has finally hit for me. I have a lot to be thankful for. I'm humbled and motivated by what's happened and is on the horizon for my life and work, my clinic and CAN

Capitalism, community acupuncture, and the radical nature of trust.

Everything about this clinic is based on trust. I trust my 2 sister acupunks. We are close friends as well as colleagues, privy to each others' heartaches, insecurities and recurring health issues. We trust each other to take good care of our patients – folks we care deeply for. I can do

Walk-ins Welcome!

Just a short blog post about the nature of different clinics.

In my old BA practice I had a schedule that had 10 blanks for every day I worked.  At the beginning of the week I always panicked because less than half of those blanks were usually filled.