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Tour of Beach Community Acupuncture

Join us for a tour of Beach Community Acupuncture, which was the 9th busiest POCA clinic in 2012 and does about 10,000 treatments a year out of space that is only 485 square feet. Some great tips for super-efficient operations here! (Psst -- want to get rid of your shredder? Watch this

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Big Damn Clinic....Now in Graphic Form!

Working Class Acupuncture has grown. How? How mcuh? How far? Check out the graph below (made by Wade) which shows the growth since 2006. (Yes, WCA opened in 2002, but we don't have the numbers from before 2006.) At the Big Damn Clinic workshop to be held Spetember 7-9 in Portland, we

Leadership in POCA Clinics. On being an owner AND an employee punk.

I’m now 7 months into transitioning from an owner punk to an employee punk. Having seen both sides, I have some thoughts and questions which I hope are useful when thinking about how a successful clinic, as well as this whole coop thing is going to

Dreams and the Clinic

My dreams are filled with hungry ghosts, sharp toothed demons.  Bitter disappointments, terrifying futures.  Blasts of color, swirls of sound.  Godivas and cowboys, gurus and goofballs.

Remarkable poetry that will be unremembered.  My dreams are my own.

  Patients no longer

To be a community acupuncturist you have to be a part of the community

To be a community acupuncturist you have to be a part of the community. Duh, why has that taken me so long to figure out?

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and each day is a ticking clock before this baby arrives. I’m nervous about leaving

189+ Community Acupuncture Clinics and I need help!

This post is more administrative/research oriented than most posts here, but hopefully you will derive a bit of fun from it as well. Most importantly I need you to check what I have done to see if it's correct before I go any further. But I am getting

Community Acupuncture Network 4th Annual Clinic Survey Results

Community Acupuncture Network

4th Annual Clinic Survey

INTRODUCTION:In January of 2011, a survey was sent out to all the clinics listed on the Community Acupuncture Network

Reflections on the Map, On Thanksgiving 2010

My how we've grown!

The above picture is of Working Class Acupuncture's map of Community Acupuncture (CA) clinics in the US and Canada. What is arranged on the outside are business cards from almost all of the CA clinics. WCA's patients can take

CAN Clinic Hopping

If I had the time, I'd make it a point to get treated at every community acupuncture clinic listed on CAN!  Getting hundreds of treatments would be wonderful in and of itself, but that wouldn't be the only benefit; by being a patient in other clinics, I'd gain more

More survey results

Some clinics in the survey described in my blog, "Survey of CAN clinics" also included data about how many people pay at what level on the sliding fee scale.  The conventional wisdom outside of CAN seems to be, "Why would they pay more if they can pay $15?"  Below is

Survey of CAN clinics

Skeptics in the acupuncture community say that CA clinics can't be successful.  A variety of reasons are cited - prices too low, patients want one-on-one attention and wouldn't like treatments in a room with other people, Dr. Tan's methods don't produce lasting results, using second hand furniture means the clinics