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Collective leadership works!

In recent weeks, we have made some changes to the General Circle. Since January, I've held the positions of Executive Director, and GC Operational Leader (since last fall) as well as POCA Board member (since last summer), and I decided several weeks ago that it is time to

Open Letter To The Folks I've Treated In The Last 2 Years

Thanks for telling me where it hurts. Thanks for keeping your skepticism about acupuncture intact until you feel the proof in your own body. Thanks for your WTF face as you suddenly raise your arm over your head for the first time in 6 months.

Thanks for sleeping

In Praise of Community Qi

I got to work today in a funk. Nothing terribly specific - a mix of "Ugh, another grey day, this does not feel like mid-June" and building stress around my impending move, and being underslept. I wasn't upset enough to have a cry about it and

It's hard to dislike anyone while they're sleeping.

If you are cynical about people,

be with strangers as they sleep.

Roll up trouser legs and sleeves, treat pain,

cover with blankets, step away. Repeat.

When your soul is lonely, when you’ve lost your anchor,

lean in

We're not the only ones heart-to-heart connecting through the internet.

Here's a beautiful story from Eric Whitacre, describing a phenomenon I found both wonderful and familiar, because it has a similar story line for CAN and now POCA.  He says "Human beings will go to any lengths necessary to find and connect with each other."  Makes me appreciate more

70 in 5

I treated 70 patients (28 were new) in 5 hours on May Day.

But this blog this isn’t about me or my competitive streak. It’s really the opposite: it’s

A Tale of Two Free Days

Hey here's my tale of two free days, so you can understand how sometimes everything can go right and sometimes everything a go wrong at the same time.  As a part of the Winona downtown Fringe Festival I decided to offer a free hour from 5-6pm on April 2


So many of the lovely recent posts have inspired me to chime in with this one about how our clinics are havens for people to feel whatever it is they are feeling -- happiness, pain, anxiety, grief, sadness...

You know how chief

The Yellow Emperor's New Clothes

Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what is known to us of nature. --St. Augustine

Placebo Latin, I shall please First Known Use: 1785 1. An inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another

Never mistake your presence for the event

I have been taking a few weeks to slow down, eat herbs and Swedish bitters, rest and rejuvenate, because the patient load at WorkSong is definitely growing. Although it's not quite warm yet, the cherry blossoms are out at the botanical garden, and I am exploring keeping an apiary

Moving Along - The Power of Numbers and Qi

I left work tonight feeling so very satisfied.  This feeling has been happening more and more recently, and for good reason – the clinic seems to be on a good roll – numbers are up significantly over the last month or so and have been steadily increasing little by little each

The Electric Slide: the 15th major meridian

On election night last week, I found myself dancing with a few hundred people in the middle of Baltimore Ave a couple blocks down from the clinic. The thumping and clatter of a pots-and-pans drum jam, the trolley drivers rhythmically honking their horns as if through a dense and

Mandala of Chi

At 7pm tonight I was pretty pooped. Between 830am and 7pm, I had treated about 38 patients. Another acupunk friend had treated another 8 during one busy stretch in the morning. At one point, seven patients walked through the door simultaneously. Three of them had walkers. The ring leader was a 91


Many patients, who first came to The Turning Point when it opened last November, had initially expressed some reservations about how they would like group acupuncture sessions once the clinic grew.  They enjoyed their affordable treatments, but in the beginning months, they were often the only ones in the

Expecting. Something in the air.

Here's a story about the effectiveness of community in one day of community acupuncture. It's also a reminder to all acupuncturists using recliner chairs treating woman in late stages of pregnancy.  This happened one day recently towards the end of our shift, where the room was completely full. I

Group Qi: Reconnecting

I like the focus on group qi. Here's another couple angles. 1)I think our nature as humans is to be interconnected: emotionally, creatively, by touch, and all sorts of other inexplicable ways. But, our daily lives are largely set up to shut down these connections so that we can

Speaking of Group Qi...

Has anybody else seen this video?


Be sure to click "watch in high quality" right underneath the video.

My favorite comment on YouTube about it: "This is just so ridiculous -- so why am I crying?"  <

Community Acupuncture, Qi and Me

When I first learned about community acupuncture, I was told about the benefit and existence of group qi.  Being the lifelong-skeptic of all things non-provable as I am, I was quick to file that thought back in my mind as an unimportant fringe benefit in the grand scheme of