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CA and the Trans Community

Right now, I'm procrastinating on composing an email. Instead, I'm writing this blog. The email that I should be writing is to my family and friends who don't know that I'm trans. I've been trans for years, but since I started hormones two months ago, and surgery is around

The Non-Politics of Community Acupuncture


Happy Election Day everyday. By now I hope everyone has voted or has already allocated a part of today to go to the polls. Yesterday, I was half listening to an NPR commentator say “if you are lucky and you live in

5 Easy things to make your clinic shine more brightly

Hello all of you beautiful tungsten atoms! After meeting so many of you this weekend, I know that you all bask in the diversity of your patient base. You look around at your treatment room and grin at the variety of economic, racial, age, professional, and etc., etc. profiles

The New Normal

Recently I attended a panel discussion at Bastyr University's Practice Management class. 25 or so students, almost all with an open laptop in front of them, looking up at me and my three CAN colleagues with a difficult-to-read-gaze. The four of us did our best to inspire the next