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Why I Don't Get Excited About Scientific Proof of How Acupuncture Works

Last week my good friend R told me that she’d come across an article detailing the recent scientific proof of how acupuncture works. My reply was “Well, thank god for that!” There was a pause, and then the query: “…was that sarcasm?”<

Snappy Comeback at the Gas Pump

Community Acupuncture San Anselmo now offers free acupuncture to all from noon to 3 PM every second Thursday of the month. In the week preceding Free Day, I usually sport a magnetic sign on my car announcing free acupuncture.  So does my husband.  The other day he was filling his

The Yellow Emperor's New Clothes

Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what is known to us of nature. --St. Augustine

Placebo Latin, I shall please First Known Use: 1785 1. An inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another

Primum non nocere

My receptionist couldn't come in one Saturday, so I stuck my boys at the front desk (first time). I divided the duties between them. The 11-year-old was on telephone and computer re/scheduling. The 9-year-old was on greeting, sign-in, and new patient paperwork. The 9-year-old said to me:

Cultural Elitism

It has been challenging to reach the people I am trying to serve—average middle class people of Michigan; the group I think I am a part of. The majority don’t seem to know anything about acupuncture except that it involves needles. When I meet people for the

CA & Devaluation ?

So I have an interesting story to pass on to the CA folks out there.  It is a conversation I had with a doctoral student here at my acupuncture school (I'm a master's student).  I was  at my work study job in the library when said doctoral student came