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Hierarchy of Needs: Poor People's Priorities

Comrades, I’m kind of obsessed with this hierarchy of needs. I keep thinking, if this particular tool had appeared circa 2005, about half of the writing, speaking, and video-making we’ve all done over the last 14 years wouldn’t have been necessary. When punks have complained,

Hierarchy of Needs (for Acupuncture)

I’m a big fan of The Fat Nutritionist, and it was her blog post “if only poor people understood nutrition!” that introduced me to Ellyn Satter and her Hierarchy of Food Needs, which makes brilliant sense to me (both as a practitioner and as a

The Acupuncture Profession has 99 problems, but NADA ain’t one of them.

The most common question I get when promoting New Hampshire’s new ADS law is: “does acupuncture only treat addiction..”


Last year, I advocated for a law.  It became the biggest acupuncture media campaign in New Hampshire’s

If You Can't Be a Good Example...

My life is different in many ways now that POCA has a school, and one of them is that when a colleague sends me an email that starts out with “holy shit” and ends with a link to a news story about an acupuncturist getting arrested for

Position Paper Responses Part 1

We’re delighted that our position paper has sparked discussion. We’ll be responding to emails we’ve received. Here’s part 1.

1. How can you justify lowering the educational standards this profession worked so hard for? This proposal would weaken the acupuncture profession.<

Job Task Analysis Data

Happy early AOM Day! To celebrate, we’re releasing all the data analysis we have of the JTA so far. If you want more, you’re going to have to help us crunch it. (Seriously, we are looking for willing volunteers to plunge into the depths of

It's a Wonderful (Co-op) Life

You know the movie It’s a Wonderful Life? The one where Jimmy Stuart’s guardian angel shows him what the world would be like if he’d never been born?

I had a POCA version of that recently.


My Break Up Letter to Capitalism

Happy May Day! And thank you to everyone who's been buying the new book: in April we raised $554 for POCA Tech! In honor of May Day, I thought this might be a good time to post an excerpt -- the chapter that was the fastest, easiest, and most

Entrepreneurship! also, New Book!

When I wrote my last blog post about gainful employment regulations and what acupuncturists earn, and I said,

I hope somebody does something --

12 acupuncture schools suing the Department of Education to challenge their failing debt-to-income scores was not what I had in mind.

Cross-Posted: the $9 Tomato

Check out this excellent reflection on micro-farming and community acupuncture from  new POCA Punk member Lisa Williams in Vermont!

POCA Tech Accreditation is Sexy

Dear POCA comrades,

If you need a reminder of why Community Acupuncture is important, please check out this article from Reuters titled “Arthritis may boost the risk of poverty, generally for women.”

“Women who developed arthritis were 51 percent more likely to fall

We Get Mail - Sliding Scale

Here’s a recent email from a soon-to-be patient who wants to do the right thing, but is confused by the sliding scale:

“I'm interested in becoming a (patient) member but have a question about the sliding scale for the membership fee. Is there

Welcome to Our World

Alert readers sent me a link to a Facebook discussion of acupuncture statistics, which eventually led me to this article and to this table.

And so even though we’re in the middle of a POCA Tech module, I’m writing this post because as

Beloved Community and the Spring Membership Drive

Community is an essential aspect of my life, a realization brought home recently by my mother’s death. My mother was a solitary person, an individualist, who feared exposure: she kept to herself. She was fond of animals, and though she was a nurse, people simply made her

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Numbers: a Retrospective

Can I just say that I never intended to make this a series?

Back in 2009, Acupuncture Today published an article titled “AOM Soaring Dramatically: Use Jumps by 50%”. The article was based on a report from the National Health Interview Survey, which is conducted continuously by

Why We Belong to POCA

People need community and human connection and while the physical community is slowing shrinking the online community grows.  I've been told that the average person spends 1 hours each day on Facebook.  Even though people are not physically seeing each other as much, we as humans still

Loan Forgiveness

Guest blog by Michelle Rivers of The Pinwheel

Last week, I got the letter I’ve been waiting and hoping for. From the IRS. It is a notice that my clinic has been officially granted non-profit status. The Pinwheel is now a 501(c)(3). For the punks

Build Community and Tell Your Story!


POCA: Loving Yourself, Loving Your Community   So I went to a seminar on growing our co-ops. It was a beautiful enriching experience. It gave me  a new understanding of what POCA is and I wanted to share it with all of you.     

On Gross and Net and Other Difficult Concepts

In which I --to quote the Princess Bride, again -- "explain, and use small words".

Why bother?

Well, as we're gearing up for POCA Tech, I find that I have a lot of motivation around preventing people from going

2010 Census

Nowhere near as inspiring as the other blogs here on our home page, below is some of the data that Skip & Lisa present at their workshops, updated with the recent 2010 Census results.  I don't have an analysis about it, but you're welcome to share your thoughts in the

2010: a Year of Pricking, Prodding, and Provoking

You know what, comrades, this was a very interesting year for CAN and particularly for the CAN blog. So much happened that I think we need a 3 part post -- at least -- just to reflect on it all.

Part 1: CAN vs. the

Guest Blog by Jennifer Woolf: Response to a recent AT article

Response to “Progress Report on Our Profession” By Mark McKenzie, LAc,, Acupuncture Today, December 2010“Trust the instinct to the end, though you can render no reason.”Ralph Waldo EmersonImagine my surprise when, glancing through the latest Acupuncture Today issue, I found yet another “Progress Report On Our Profession”. With

Saving Patients Money

The other day John Schmeider of Community Acupuncture of St. Louis emailed Lisa and I to ask a few questions around a press release he and his partner, Bryan Wagner, were about to issue. Let me post the press release below and then we'll get into the meat of

We Got Our Needle! It's a Good Time to Think about Disparities!

Thank you to everyone, near and far, who helped raise money for NE Portland to get needled via the Portland Acupuncture Project. (Check out the long list of individual contributors on the Project's website -- isn't that cool? More than half of them are WCA comrades.) This Saturday at 10

GUEST BLOG: "Has CAN Figured Out How to Place Acupuncture in the Mainstream?" by Steven Stumpf

The Community Acupuncture Network: Grass Roots Needling Therapy

The marriage of working class politics and acupuncture might on the face of it seem an unlikely match. After all, working class politics and grass roots organization conjures images of class struggle, marching in the streets and fighting for

Guest post by Rebecca Parker: The difference $5 makes...

The sliding scale as it was started in Portland, and how we practice it here at Philadelphia Community Acupuncture is $15-35. There is some wiggle room in the CAN guidelines for those who need to alter it slightly to fit their needs and still be

WOW! What a Deal???

This morning I woke up and received this email in my inbox from a service that gives daily deals on all sorts of things... including acupuncture.At first I laughed at the absurdity of this deal, and then I found myself feeling annoyed that people are

GUEST BLOG: A Chiropractor's Perspective on the FPD

Thank you to Todd Shulfer from Wisconsin who wrote and submitted this tome to the state-wide acupuncturists' online forum.  Special thanks for allowing me to re-post it here.

I certainly believe that an acupuncturist should receive training beyond the use of disposable needles. I believe that there

A Guide to Understanding CAN's Anger, for Any Member of the Acu-Establishment

I can really understand why many different people, reading this blog, would feel hurt, attacked, misunderstood, unfairly maligned, and on top of it all, bewildered. I can imagine that any representative of an acupuncture school or of a mainstream acupuncture organization might be wondering, why are these community acupuncture

What It Means

A couple of weeks ago I had an interesting conversation with John Weeks of The Integrator Blog. He had asked me for an update about how things were going, and I mentioned that we had just had a banner week at WCA; 448 acupuncture treatments, including a total of 73 new