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Your Hiring Road Map, with Alexa and John

Nobody got a class on how to be an employer in acupuncture school, so POCA is filling the gap! This is an excellent POCAfest breakout session on employment in CA clinics, run by experienced punks who are, respectively, an employer and an employee in a Big Damn Clinic. Learn

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The POCA Jobs Wiki is Here!

The POCA Jobs Wiki is here! What is the POCA Jobs Wiki, you ask? It's a collection of information all pertaining to employment at a POCA clinic. The wiki contains perspectives from both clinic owners and employee punks about the realities of being employed at a POCA clinic

It's All the Same

I've been working on materials for the Big Damn Clinic workshop and an analogy occurred to me. Having coworkers in a CA clinic (owners, employees, punks, receptionists, all categories) is a lot like treating patients in a CA clinic. Whether you are the owner or the employee, the

So You Want To Be Employed as a Punk?

So You Want To Be Employed as a Punk?

If you think you’d like to work in an established community acupuncture clinic as an employee punk, here are some points to consider.  In full discloser I will say that I do not claim to

Leadership in POCA Clinics. On being an owner AND an employee punk.

I’m now 7 months into transitioning from an owner punk to an employee punk. Having seen both sides, I have some thoughts and questions which I hope are useful when thinking about how a successful clinic, as well as this whole coop thing is going to

The Early and Yet Somehow Late Start of Our New Beginning By Spitfire.

 Today the strangest thing happened.  I had a patient ask me a question.  We were talking about Ellen, PCA 2, Tucson, and of course the future of PCA.  She looked me in the eye and she asked me, “What are we going to do without

Making Social Business Work

We say that we're all about creating jobs, and we are. Like a lot of other things, though, that sounds easier and simpler than it actually is, and so there is a lot of room for misunderstandings, especially between employers and employees. There's a learning