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Fatphobia Part 3: Some Thoughts about Diet Culture and Talking to Patients

Guest post by Ellen Vincent

I need to preface Part 3 of this series by saying that I had read the Fatphobia blog posts (Part 1 and Part 2) before, I had read Lindy West and Roxane Gay and completed the POCA Dept. of Education Fatphobia CEU, and more, but

Fatphobia, Capitalism, Etc. Part 2: Self-Care

This post is about cooperation, competition, self-care, and fat.

When Lisa B and I decided to work on a series of posts about fat shaming, capitalism, professional ethics and community acupuncture, I was excited because it seemed like we’d be filling a hole in our

Fatphobia, Capitalism, Professional Ethics & Community Acupuncture: An Introduction

Recently the punks at GCA wrote a blog post about weight loss and community acupuncture which got some interesting feedback from around the internet. Inspired by this, we (Lisa R and Lisa B) are working on a series of posts exploring issues around weight loss, fatphobia, capitalism, and acupuncture.