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Fake it 'till you make it? Reflections on "Finding Normal"

Over Labor Day weekend, a small group of acupuncturists, acupuncture students and our community clinic volunteers gathered at my house to view the documentary Finding Normal and to have a discussion about it as well as Lisa Rohleder’s blog posts on the movie. If you haven&rsquo

Installment 6 of the "Finding Normal" Guide

Community : We Really Mean It The most radical thing about community acupuncture is that it approaches acupuncture within the context of community rather than within the context of the individual. This is one of the most basic mental shifts an acupuncturist needs to make in order to

Installment 5: Vocation

Opening Scene of "Finding Normal"

David Fitzgerald: “...I love my job. I was born to do this shit.”

We want to hire people who feel that way about acupuncture. It’s not easy to do, though, in part because acupuncture

Installment 4 of the "Finding Normal" Study Guide

Working Class Professionalism Did we mention anywhere yet that the recovery mentors make about $20,000 a year, working full time? One of the major categories of deprogramming community acupuncturists has to do with understanding what professionalism really means. The acupuncture professional culture has managed to convince a lot

Installment 3 of the "Finding Normal" Study Guide

The Energetic Anatomy of a Magnetic Community Acupunk

To pick up where we left off: What you really need to understand, man? I give a fuck. If you was suffering like I was suffering, as I know it and I felt it -- it ain

Installment 2 of the "Finding Normal" Study Guide

Self Esteem The issue of self-esteem comes up over and over in the movie Finding Normal. Watch the trailer and take note of how many times the issue at hand is self esteem, either directly or indirectly. http://www.findingnormal.org/?page_id=7

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What We're Working On Now

Sometimes "the creative process" is really "the creative mess." The process of writing books, for instance. After I wrote The Remedy, it was clear that more books were needed, and so Skip and I worked for over a year on writing a book for community