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Community Acupuncture at WCA Lents

Watch a shift unfold at Working Class Acupuncture - Lents.

How Acupuncture Works - By Nicole Maniez

Nicole Maniez of Jersey Community Acupuncture created this video to help explain how acupuncture works.  It will make you HUM!

Evolution of a Clinic

This video shows the growth of Providence Community Acupuncture from its start in 2006 as an 11-chair clinic making extremely creative use of a medical office, to the rocking 20-chair Big Damn Clinic it is today. There's nothing like getting the visuals for how to transform a blank-slate corporate

About Painless Needling, by Whitsitt

How one punk went from being known for being heavy-handed to having a reputation for being a painless needler! (Hint: patients prefer the latter.) A demonstration of how to get qi without getting pain.

Order of Operations

One of the biggest differences between an ordinary acupuncturist and a superpunk is that a superpunk knows how to take care of a whole room full of people at once. Key to taking care of the room is understanding the order of operations. What does that mean? We'll

On Being a Patient and Then a Receptionist

Suzanne of WCA Cully talks about being a long-time community acupuncture patient, then one of the clinic's main receptionists, and how she communicates with patients about community acupuncture. Thinking of hiring receptionists? Want to know what a great hire looks like? Watch this video!

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The Acupuncture Profession has 99 problems, but NADA ain’t one of them.

The most common question I get when promoting New Hampshire’s new ADS law is: “does acupuncture only treat addiction..”


Last year, I advocated for a law.  It became the biggest acupuncture media campaign in New Hampshire’s

I Am Closing My Clinic -- Guest Post by Michelle Rivers

I am closing my clinic. I’ll be joining another community clinic just two miles down the road, as an employee. After more than six years, I am grieving my emotional attachment to this place. As is always the case with grieving, though, amidst all of the intangibles

Patient's Perspective: Why Should I Join POCA?

If you're like me, Milwaukee Community Acupuncture is the only place you have ever received an acupuncture treatment. I didn't realize how different MCA was from most acupuncture clinics in the U.S. until a while after I started coming. Most acupuncturists see only one patient at

Registration for POCAfest 8 in Marin Headlands is now Open! Sign up here!

POCA Fest Fall 2016 – Marin Headlands
 September 23-25, 2016

Join us for the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture Fall 2016 conference. This fall’s POCA Fest is for punks, receptors, patient/community members, POCA supporters, students, friends and family. Last time we were at Marin we

POCA's newest, coolest, most co-operative member benefit: The POCA Passport

Just in time for our Spring Member Drive, The POCA Membership circle offers our newest coolest, most cooperative member benefit, The POCA Passport.  It won’t get you out of the country, but hopefully it will inspire you to travel to more Community Clinics on (and even

Dear Prospective Punk (from a Recent Grad and New Punk), or Why We Need POCA Tech

A guest post from Caroline Picker of Providence Community Acupuncture

Dear Prospective Acupuncture Student--

So you want to be a community acupuncturist.  That's great!  In this time of mounting violence, destruction of any minimal social safety net that previously existed, and ongoing

The Making of a Revolutionary -- Keynote by Greg Jones

Before we get started, I’d like to acknowledge that we are on occupied territory of the Cherokee Nation.

Our clinics are pretty special places. No matter where in the world we are located they are places where people from many different backgrounds, socio-economic classes, and

If Dear Abby & Reddit's AMA had a love-child: POCA's Ask Uncle Andy

If you're like me, working as an acu-punk brings opportunity to answer many and various questions - from folks visiting clinic, from one's own co-workers and colleagues and of course from the generally acu-curious. 

So many questions in fact, I wrote a little book

How Community Acupuncture Changed Me: Guest Post by Cera Mae

I’ve been thinking a lot about the theme of this spring’s POCAfest in Nashville. Community acupuncture has certainly changed me, and I feel like I can offer some unique perspectives.

We all have our individual back story to describe how we wound up

Goodwill Drive Post #4: Let the Needles Do the Work

Our Goodwill Drive for POCA Tech is complete! We raised over $5,000 and collected a slew of beautiful answers to the question: what is the meaningfulness of making acupuncture affordable? Big thanks to April and Annie and everyone else who volunteered to help post them. You can read them here.<

Welcome to the Insurgency

As you all know, we're working away at the requirements from the Oregon Department of Education to open POCA Tech. We've reached the "handbook" stage: student handbook! Faculty handbook! Employee handbooks! A lot of what goes into them is excruciatingly boring, so I took a break and

Cross-Posted: How We Became "Punks"

In honor of certain recent Facebook threads, Dominic and Carly of Fort Myers Community Acupuncture are sharing with us their reflections on transitioning to community acupuncture and becoming "punks".

I love this post for many reasons, but particularly because it focuses on what brought a lot of

POCA's Formula is People Helping People

Remember the first day of kindergarten? I do. I was excited and terrified. Who should I sit next to? Would the teacher be nice? Will I make friends? Why does the paste smell funny? Well, opening a new community acupuncture clinic is a lot like your first day of school.

Spanish for Acupuntura Comunitaria: Easy As !Uno, Dos, Tres!

[h3][size=6][strong]Spanish for [i]Acupuntura Comunitaria[/i]:[/size] Easy As [i]!Uno, Dos, Tres![/i][/strong][/h3]


[i]Estimados Amigos[/i], With great pleasure, we announce the inauguration of the [url=https://www.pocacoop.com/wiki/acupunk-wiki/Spanish-for-Acupuntura-Comunitaria/] Spanish for [i]Acupuntura

Stone Soup and Social Business: a Confession

You know the folk tale called Stone Soup, right? I was doing some work on WCA's manual for POCA volunteers today and I realized I needed to put this in. (Note: thanks to Kevin Campopiano for originally pointing this out.)

A poor soldier is traveling home

Using a 0-10 Pain Scale Effectively

Ok, so this thread is pushing some buttons.  I have been meaning to write something about this because acupuncture school does such a shitty job of teaching us to evaluate pain and the 0-10 scale can be tricky to understand.

I know we all have good

The POCA Jobs Wiki is Here!

The POCA Jobs Wiki is here! What is the POCA Jobs Wiki, you ask? It's a collection of information all pertaining to employment at a POCA clinic. The wiki contains perspectives from both clinic owners and employee punks about the realities of being employed at a POCA clinic

A few words of support..

A few words of support..

This blog is in response to comments on this blog http://www.migrainesavvy.com/acupuncture-for-migraines.html by Holly Hazen.

On behalf of acupuncturists, I am sorry about the harshness and fearful overreaction displayed in the comments about your blog. 

I've Been Asked to Write a blog about my CA Journey

I've been asked to write a blog post on my CA journey.

Some background: I've been in practice since 1995 in a variety of settings. I worked in a rheumatologist's office, a community HIV clinic, a CAM clinic at a hospital. I had private room practices in various

Holding Space for 161 Patients a Week

I wanted to blog about holding space and how my personal experience with going from hydrogen to tungsten.


Hi I am Jade. I love POCA. I am in a clinic about 500 sq feet in a city in Minnesota with about 27,500 people. We have 7 chairs

How to Succeed in CA Without Really Trying

So you want to open a CA practice. You’ve reviewed the requirements to be a POCA clinic, and you think: “Sure, okay, I can live with those.” This blog is about what’s behind those guidelines. It’s about the spirit of a

Lisa Rohleder's Original Acupuncture Today Posts

As CAN gives way to POCA I think it would be good to see what proceeded CAN. Back in 2006, Lisa Rohleder answered Acupuncture Today's request to have new contributing columnists. They accepted her and for the next year Lisa wrote a column every other month until AT told her

Don't go to Acupuncture School

Editor's note: This blog was originally posted in 2011. If you are here because you're doing research about acupuncture school, we encourage you to check out the POCA Tech FAQ for more recent information about the process of becoming an acupuncturist, what acupuncturists earn, and questions to ask

Bossing for Small Business Owners

Never dreamed you’d be doing this?

I’d venture a guess that for most people working for someone else was not a part of the dream of becoming an acupuncturist. If it were, the acupuncture profession, meaning the schools and the alphabet organizations, would have been

Crazy Susie, boundaries, respect, and love

Last Spring, I met a woman at a social function whose personal presentation and style struck me as quite off-kilter. My friend and I started to refer to her as “Crazy Susie.” I know, I know, I’m a jerk, so feel free to make a point of that

So You Just Graduated From Acu-School....

All of us have been in this position or are in it now: brand new in the field, no experience, trying to start a practice. How do you get people to see you? Why would anyone see you and not some more experienced practitioner a half mile away? How

News from the New



This is a really long post; you might want to pour yourself a cup of tea.

As a new Community

Dollars and Sense: Information for Prospective Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Students By Shauna

I’ve been thinking for a while about writing an open, honest account of my investment in acupuncture school for the benefit of prospective students. I acknowledge that this is just one person’s experience. Through my connections with other acupuncture and Oriental medicine (AOM) students and alumni, I

Re-framing how I think about my role as an acupuncturist in the clinic

I have been learning about/discussing the concept of what are the fundamental skills of a busy and successful community acupuncturist with Lisa and Skip and others recently insome WCA meetings. Lisa is compiling information on what it takes to do this CA work really well

Another guest blog - a student's perspective.

Hi folks. This month I would like to share with you an essay one of my students wrote at the end of our Community Acupuncture Practice Development (that's quite a mouthful) class at AIMC in Berkeley. Linda is a first year acupuncture student and she stumbled upon my class