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POCAfest Marin Keynote: Chronic Pain and Endurance, by Jeff Levin of SOAP

Welcome to POCAfest. My name is Jeff and I’m a proud punk and the co-owner of Sacramento Oakland Acupuncture Project, affectionately known as SOAP. We keep it clean.

We’ve all come an impressively long way doing community acupuncture. I’ve heard that

Cohort 3 Graduation Speech by Jess Long

Welcome everyone and thank you for coming to celebrate with us on this beautiful summer morning. As many of you know, we are Cohort 3 -- the third class in POCA Tech history to graduate and move forward to expand this radical movement that our school is founded on, by

The Vows of Hua Tuo and Sun Si Miao..Actually Carried Out

Ok folks, bear with me-I’m gunna get a little idealistic and woo-y- BUT it’s grounded in reality-I promise.

Vow of Hua Tuo:

Treat people equally irrespective of their high or low status, of their poverty or wealth, of their distinction or

In Celebration of Miriam Lee's Birthday

Recently, my friend Lisa B. of Guelph Community Acupuncture directed me to a podcast by Tada Hozumi on understanding our cultural nervous system and the queering of identities. Tada had a ton of interesting things to say -- I recommend listening -- but one particular point they made is

Don't Stop Believing: Why CAP Supports POCA's Membership Drive

At the Community Acupuncture Project in West Seattle, we can’t, don’t and won’t  stop believing in POCA! Since our inception in 2009, we’ve been a part of the Community Acupuncture Network (CAN) which grew into our national coop, the People&rsquo

On Beginning, Again - for new and old punks. Part 1, Guest Post by Cait Cain

I’m finally writing a POCA blog - my name is Cait and I own Lincoln Acupuncture Project here in Lincoln, Nebraska. Some say adaptability is what keeps us alive, but it’s also what keeps us engaged, expanding, growing and learning as individuals and, as a

POCA Tech Is Accredited***

I’m not sure a blog post is adequate for this particular event*** but it’s what we’ve got, so here goes.


Huge thanks to

POCA Tech’s Sustainers, for sending monthly donations which literally sustain

POCAfest Gratitude: Guest Post from Maya of GCA

A couple weeks ago I attended my first ever POCAfest with friends from my local clinic (Guelph Community Acupuncture) and left with my heart full and my head spinning. There is still so much for me to learn as I reflect on the weekend, but one already recurring theme

Thank You Again, from POCA Tech to FSPA

On August 8 to 11, ACAOM had their summer meeting; on their long to-do list was POCA Tech’s application for initial accreditation. We don’t know their decision yet -- we expect to hear within a couple of weeks -- but one thing we do know right now

Boots on the Ground: We Have a POCA Tech Grad at Our Clinic!

by Chris Rogers of Wasatch Community Acupuncture

I know it’s been said before many, many times in the POCAverse and on the forums, but it’s worth pointing out again: not every acupuncturist can be a good punk, no matter how good their intentions

POCA Tech's Cohort 2 Has Graduated!

Text from Skip & Lisa speech at graduation:

Congratulations, Cohort 2, you made it.

Last year when we were making speeches at POCA Tech’s first graduation, we were so amazed to be there -- to realize we had actually gotten one cohort all the

thanks, POCA! love, POCA Tech

Once again, the POCA Cooperative has made a generous $10,000 donation to POCA Tech after the successful May Membership Drive.

Even though this has been happening after every Membership Drive for awhile now, it’s still a huge deal for POCA Tech, every time. The support of

Public Love & Thanks from the Liberation Acupuncture Workshop

The purpose of this blog post is to send out some public love and thanks generated by POCA Tech's workshop, Liberation Acupuncture and Community-Based Integrative Medicine.

First, lots of love and thanks to our sponsor, CareOregon! And special thanks to Population Health Integration Supervisor and WCA

We Heart Our Community Partners

This blog is a plug for three things:

1) a new video, up on POCA Tv, of a Suicide Prevention Training that WCA put on for its punks.


A few months back, we got our quarterly newsletter

Gratitude for the Life of Dr. Michael Smith

Mike Smith, founder of NADA, passed away on December 24, 2017. I met him when I was an acupuncture student in 1992 and he came to do a lecture at my school, which for me was like rain on a desert. And that’s what he continued to be throughout my


2017, like 2016 before it, was a hard year for a lot of people. I’m a big fan of year-end gratitude lists, *especially* when it was hard.

At the top of my gratitude list is POCA, particularly for its most recent donation to POCA Tech -- $14,500. $10,000 of

I Am Closing My Clinic -- Guest Post by Michelle Rivers

I am closing my clinic. I’ll be joining another community clinic just two miles down the road, as an employee. After more than six years, I am grieving my emotional attachment to this place. As is always the case with grieving, though, amidst all of the intangibles

Student Circle at POCA Tech -- Guest Post by Shelby and Sonya

Recently POCA Tech has been tasked with a Self Study for ACAOM, where we analyze the effectiveness of our school. Student circle was asked to contribute a paragraph or two on how we “see student organizing efforts benefiting [us] as individuals, as cohorts, and also the school itself.

Thank You, Yes, and Thank You

This post has two parts.

First, prayers answered.

Back in 2012, something I wondered every other day or so, was, how on earth is POCA Tech going to come up with the fees we need to get through the accreditation process? In 2014 we applied for our

Falling in Love

This is a guest post from Shelby in POCA Tech's Cohort 3.

Falling in love

You know that feeling when you just feel excited and happy and light? When you’re sitting on the bus staring out the window and just smiling at nothing?

Love your coop, Work for your coop

Over the years, the predominate way that projects have come about in POCA is when needs are identified. "If you have found a need, then congratulations, you've found yourself a job." It's a good system. So many creative projects have been accomplished through this motto: POCA Calendars

A Long History of Cooperation

Like so many people I know and encounter through my work as a punk, I have been feeling uneasy and anxious for many months leading up to the election. Post-election it’s been much harder to keep my worries under wraps. One of the ways I’ve

What Would POCA Tech Do without POCA? No, Seriously

The occasion for this blog post is yet another donation from POCA to POCA Tech of $10,000. And in addition to thanking all of our members, and particularly those who participated in the May Membership Drive (thank you! thank you! thank you!) I wanted to expand this post into a

Healing my grief through Community Acupuncture

I went to a funeral in Florida this month. It was for my best friend Jenny’s mother, Diane.  It was important for me to go because Jenny died over 5 years ago and I couldn’t attend her funeral. 

Florida is a difficult

Thank You, FSPA

So it’s 8 days and counting to POCA Tech’s Candidacy site visit. If I told you how much paperwork we’ve generated for the site visitors to look at, you probably wouldn’t believe me; a year ago, I wouldn’t have believed

POCA's newest, coolest, most co-operative member benefit: The POCA Passport

Just in time for our Spring Member Drive, The POCA Membership circle offers our newest coolest, most cooperative member benefit, The POCA Passport.  It won’t get you out of the country, but hopefully it will inspire you to travel to more Community Clinics on (and even

Too Much All The Time: Ask Uncle Andy

Thanks to all who wrote with great hiring questions, to share difficult circumstances (not fit for this blog, unfortunately) and to ask for a bit of clinic space-searching advice.  I loved hearing from you all.

This question is submitted by a reader

Nothing Like a 2-Alarm Fire to Give You Some Perspective

Over the last twelve years or so I’ve gotten to see a lot of community acupuncture clinics in a lot of different phases. I’ve gotten to see the newly-rented storefronts with nothing in them but potential; the newly-painted rooms with piles of half-assembled IKEA furniture;

Remembering Ann

I’ve lost three people to cancer this year. All women, all around my same age, all business owners. First was the sister of one of my dearest friends, back in the spring. Last week it was our beloved POCA comrade Ann Rich. Then a few days ago,

Thank You, POCA

Dear POCA,

thank you for the $10,000 donation -- your second one this year. That’s $20,000 total in 2015 you’ve given to our school.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the October Membership Drive: all the volunteers, all the new and renewing POCA