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The Acupuncture Profession has 99 problems, but NADA ain’t one of them.

The most common question I get when promoting New Hampshire’s new ADS law is: “does acupuncture only treat addiction..”


Last year, I advocated for a law.  It became the biggest acupuncture media campaign in New Hampshire’s

To Be Safe for Myself and Others (Guest Post by Jade Fang)

I guess I am in my 9th year as a part of POCA and before that CAN.

I've seen a lot of things happen and wanted to help articulate something.

POCA's mission is to work cooperatively to increase accessibility to and availability of

Movement Building in the Context of Community Acupuncture

POCA’s Movement Building Circle wants to share models of the ways our clinics are supporting movements for social, racial, and economic justice. We hope to build upon the activism that’s already happening and expand our reach, impact, and connection to grassroots movements led by directly-impacted

Love your coop, Work for your coop

Over the years, the predominate way that projects have come about in POCA is when needs are identified. "If you have found a need, then congratulations, you've found yourself a job." It's a good system. So many creative projects have been accomplished through this motto: POCA Calendars

Healing my grief through Community Acupuncture

I went to a funeral in Florida this month. It was for my best friend Jenny’s mother, Diane.  It was important for me to go because Jenny died over 5 years ago and I couldn’t attend her funeral. 

Florida is a difficult

POCA's newest, coolest, most co-operative member benefit: The POCA Passport

Just in time for our Spring Member Drive, The POCA Membership circle offers our newest coolest, most cooperative member benefit, The POCA Passport.  It won’t get you out of the country, but hopefully it will inspire you to travel to more Community Clinics on (and even


Since the last time we were in Marin, lots of things have changed from the young organization we were then.  People/volunteers come and go, philosophy becomes more specific, goals become more concrete, but one thing hasn’t changed - there’s always a mountain of

Mid-Membership Drive Special Edition

Sharon is the fiance of a long-time friend of mine, Bill. During their visit to New Hampshire a few months ago, Sharon mentioned in passing her experience with Flor Espinosa, a village acupuncturist in rural Nicaragua. It was like she dropped a precious gift on my messy dining table.

Why We Belong to POCA

People need community and human connection and while the physical community is slowing shrinking the online community grows.  I've been told that the average person spends 1 hours each day on Facebook.  Even though people are not physically seeing each other as much, we as humans still

Using a 0-10 Pain Scale Effectively

Ok, so this thread is pushing some buttons.  I have been meaning to write something about this because acupuncture school does such a shitty job of teaching us to evaluate pain and the 0-10 scale can be tricky to understand.

I know we all have good

The Yellow Emperor's New Clothes

Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to what is known to us of nature. --St. Augustine

Placebo Latin, I shall please First Known Use: 1785 1. An inert or innocuous substance used especially in controlled experiments testing the efficacy of another

Head vs Heart

In past posts we have had referrals to great teachers in our field emphasizing the development of the heart first, the head afterwards.The book I’m reading now echoes the same sentiment in more detail:

More reflections on Dr. Michael Smith's lecture

Lisa's recent post of the Michael Smith videos reminded me of a few things he said that have made a difference in my thinking since that talk. Overall, it's the notion that acupuncture isn't some specialized, elevated pursuit, but just another useful part of life, that really resonates with

Improv Acupuncture---effective and rapid relief from stress & pain

I have been rolling some thoughts around in my head for a while now that attempt to describe my acupunk process in the clinic. I observe this process in all of my coworkers at WCA as well and it seems important to find some words for it.

Love to Work, Work to Love

One of my teachers at acu-school told us that his teacher used to place the needles and then pray for all of his patients.  Miriam Lee, rest in peace,  talks about this in her book Insights of a

Said many times, worth repeating.

Frequent acupuncture treatments trump other Chinese medical modalities in potency.

This mantra has been weaved into CA workshops for some time now. I can attest to its accuracy, and like to pass it along as well.

One such occasion was back this past

Community Massage Project

Just received this announcement from a friend of mine who has been listening to me share about Community Acupuncture for a few years now. She is offering Community Massage in Chatham Ma. I am really excited that this model is being tried by another healing modality. my plan at

"Antenna for the 'God' signal"

"Here's a trippy thought: perhaps the reshaping of neural connections in our brains makes our synaptic firing more of an antenna for the "god" signal. I'm tuning in to the signal right now... yes... It's coming in ....WBLISS 108.OM"  (thanks to my friend Matthew for this bit of neural

Relaxation, Response.

Several things I’ve heard in the past week have made me want to piggyback on what Moses says in the previous post.  The first was that in conversation with another (non-CA) acupuncturist chum, he said in part, regarding NADA: “anyone can induce a relaxation response with acupuncture.” 

one step at a time...

I have seen roughly 4000 patients in the last year working as a community acupunk. This number presumes an average of 16 patients per day (over a 4 hour shift), 5 days per week for 50 weeks. That is a figure with some close approximation to reality; and, as such, it reminds me of


Just wanted to share some inspiration, I want to share the book i'm checking out right now. It is called "the amazing power of deliberate intent, living the art of allowing", and it's been transformational in my approach to many things as of late. I am becoming clearer about

Out of Patience

Somewhere in the intersection of Cris's blog on Boutique Acupuncture, Lisa’s Blog on CAN's anger, reading over Dr. Tan notes and finding gems like a 72 yr old woman avoiding a pacemaker and getting off ALL her cardiac drugs, me without health ins., all the comments on the AAAOM

With Gratitude...

I would like to thank Acupuncture Today for their front page story, “Acupuncture May Soothe Aching Heads.” I never learned anything suggesting this in my MSOM program (which is why we now need a first professional doctorate, FPD). This article will transform my practice.

Group Report from WCA Health Care Community Discussion

This is the group statement that we generated from our Health Care Community Discussion on December 31st at Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, OR to send to the Obama/Biden transition team (see www.change.gov).

First, we want

Community Acupuncture for Disaster and Trauma

This past weekend I was in Portland, attending Acupuncturists Without Borders "Healing Community Trauma" training. Since its founding by Diana Fried in September of 2005, following Hurricane Katrina, AWB has evolved into one of the leading acupuncture professional groups with a social conscience. 

Probably there are other groups

Can CA go Deep, revisited

In August there was a lot of discussion on the blog Can CA go Deep?

I began this blog on 10/1/08

One of my patients came in this AM saying, “I feel so good I could hug you!”  It was her 4th treatment. She is 64, has

Wrist Ankle Acupuncture and Acupuncturists Without Boarders

I recently discovered wrist ankle acupuncture (WAA) and I started using it with some of my patients who have severe pain in the GB 29 area. I got some 1 ½ inch needles and started learning how to thread them just under the skin, this is usually a painless process especially if


During the last few months I have been absent from the CAN, my attention focused on home renovations.  We recently purchased a lovely old soul of a home, built in 1911.  We spent several weeks peeling away the layers of carpets, linoleum and wallpaper to reveal the history of care