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How Acupuncture Works - By Nicole Maniez

Nicole Maniez of Jersey Community Acupuncture created this video to help explain how acupuncture works.  It will make you HUM!

A Halloween PSA from TCA

That's Transylvania Community Acupuncture, in case you're wondering. And at TCA, "a little hygiene goes a long way"! Watch this extraordinary acupuncture safety video by the truly inspired crew at TCA's sister clinic, Providence Community Acupuncture.

Safety Video Trailer

People have questions! About acupuncture safety! Transylvania Community Acupuncture has answers -- and a safety video that is, we promise, like NOTHING you have ever seen before. Happy Belated Halloween from your friends at TCA (and their sister clinic, Providence Community Acupuncture). 

The Sliding Scale Dancers

Now Presenting... PCA's Sliding Scale Dancers!

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BOOK REVIEW: Poke, A Community Acupuncturist’s Tale

Like many people, the pandemic inspired me to start writing a book.  Our colleague, Dr. Steve Knobler from North Seattle Community Acupuncture actually published a book: Poke, A Community Acupuncturist’s Tale.

I searched the internet for other works of fiction about acupuncture and I

POCAfest Marin Keynote: Chronic Pain and Endurance, by Jeff Levin of SOAP

Welcome to POCAfest. My name is Jeff and I’m a proud punk and the co-owner of Sacramento Oakland Acupuncture Project, affectionately known as SOAP. We keep it clean.

We’ve all come an impressively long way doing community acupuncture. I’ve heard that

Urgent Call to Action: Protect the Acupuncture Profession!!!

Did you miss me?

I realize I’ve been quiet for...a very long time...but I had to speak up in this moment of crisis.

The POCA Legislative Circle’s Open Letter to the Acupuncture Profession was no doubt well intentioned but

POCA's newest, coolest, most co-operative member benefit: The POCA Passport

Just in time for our Spring Member Drive, The POCA Membership circle offers our newest coolest, most cooperative member benefit, The POCA Passport.  It won’t get you out of the country, but hopefully it will inspire you to travel to more Community Clinics on (and even

If Dear Abby & Reddit's AMA had a love-child: POCA's Ask Uncle Andy

If you're like me, working as an acu-punk brings opportunity to answer many and various questions - from folks visiting clinic, from one's own co-workers and colleagues and of course from the generally acu-curious. 

So many questions in fact, I wrote a little book

POCA Calendar Photo Submission/Contest!


This is Jade. I am working on the POCA Calendar. I'd love it if you all could email me your photos or hilariously photoshop some existing photos. :D I remember the last POCA Calendar had a group at POCAfest with their heads photoshopped onto a 300

News In Brief

a tour of what's going on in YOUR profession! 

Portland Moxibustion Project Ignites City’s Imagination

Inspired by the Portland Acupuncture Project, local artist Timothy Smith is using another modality within Chinese Medicine to also explore “the interface between art, regional

Community Acupuncture & Me

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story. I have now been a member of CAN for seven days, I attended the recent Working Man’s Acupuncture training, and I am opening my community practice tomorrow. I am so inspired by all of you, but especially Lisa Rohleder.

Song to Keep Up Your Sleeve

Hey everyone. This being my first blog entry, it would seem appropriate for me to go in to my story and maybe write a blog about my experiences with community acupuncture or something like that....that blog idea is in the shop, so I'll save the spiel for another


The following is my submission to the AAAOM-Student Organization’s $1000 essay writing contest, whose Facebook club I am a member of I have been tossed off of(pun becomes relevant later). I hope to be the winner, and an inside source assures me that my victory is inevitable. I


Welcome to the world of AcuMartyr --- a complicated superhero dedicated to defending acupuncture’s sacred, eternal, and immutable values established by the consensus of our venerable ancestors. Empowered by ancient wisdom, pop-psychology jargon, and new age insight, AcuMartyr communicates only through profound affirmations.


How The Market Decides

seussical prose for educational purposes...


"...the Commission's role is to develop and pilot standards that have a reasonable level of support from the communities of interest, and it is the marketplace that determines whether or not there is sufficient support and economic viability for

New FPD Poll Finds CAN Divided

As the deadline for comments to ACAOM draws near, an alarming new poll finds the Community Acupuncture Network divided over the first professional doctorate for AOM.When asked ‘What do you think of FPD supporters?’ only 56% of CAN members found the supporters of the FPD to

First Professional Doctorate Support Disorder

First Professional Doctorate Support Disorder (FPDSD) has two manifestations, manic disorder and depressive disorder.  Depressive disorder is manifested by mental dejection and incoherent speech, while manic disorder is characterized by shouting, restlessness and violent behaviors.  As described in Classist on Medical Problems, depressive disorder is caused by excessive yin,


It’s that special time of year again folks!  As the last days of 2009 pass by and whatever teeth global warming winter has left prepare to sink deep into our backsides, the first professional doctorate will be considered yet again by ACAOM! Yes, the issue

Just in time for the holidays:

The FPD also comes in blue.

From the Vault

Here is a recycled rant (trimmed down with new comments in italics) from about a year ago that is fairly appropriate for the carnival that is the current FPD 'debate'.  The more things change, the more things stay insane.  I had heard much talk of increased opportunities for AOM

Dear Zhang Zhong Jing

I have to say that I was very surprised to discover that you had risen from the dead in order to wade into the FPD debate. Obviously I have great respect for your work. So please forgive me for saying that the following letter, which you posted on the

Bad Romance

(This post is dedicated to Nora, the Queen of Pop Culture References and Video Links. With heartfelt apologies to Lady Gaga.)

Dear Acupuncture Profession,

I think we need to talk about our relationship. I know you know what I mean -- love, hate, and tiered

4th Doctoral Year Curriculum Leaked

In the hopes of bringing together a fragmented AOM community, an inside source from a prominent acupuncture college has leaked both portions of the curriculum as well as educational techniques for the fourth year of training in the first professional doctorate program (FPD) in acupuncture.  On

Who’s On First?

Joe- What has been an exciting day of community acupuncture is looking to really heat up now as we move into the middle of the shift here at Zang Fool Community Acupuncture.And it hasn’t been a shift without controversy, has it, Tim?


First Annual No Balance Method Conference

Dr. Zang Fool, master of the No Balance Method, will present this new powerfully chaotic treatment system over a three day period this October.  The No Balance Method is the culmination of several hours of painstaking work by Dr. Fool, in which he discovered the only yin-yang balance sequence

Evangelical Community Acupuncture

Friends and family surrounding him, Paul Williams lays down on the makeshift crucifix fashioned out of plywood and wooden posts.  The planks are sturdy and laid flat on the ground, a modest amount of cushioning over the boards to provide the slightest comfort.  Paul, who appears to be in

I get my chuckles.

Some of my patients are really hard of hearing. The one I sat down next to this afternoon often "forgets" to put on her hearing aid.  It may be her state of denial, because she's only about 60 years old, and it may be hard to admit that she's losing

Energy Condoms, by My Qi!

Energy Condoms, by My Qi!What are they? My Qi! Energy Condoms are a new, powerful method of protection against commonly acquired Spiritually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) from client to practitioner.  

What is an STD? An STD is a spiritually transmitted disease

Circle CA to raise prices

Hello everyone.  First let me thank Lisa, Skip, Lupine and all the kind CAN folks.  The time I have spent here mining the forums and blogs for info has been invaluable.  Circle CA in San Francisco has been open for a little over 6 months now, and it could not

Shen Men Reunite For AAAOM Rally

Ending a hiatus of nearly 20 years, AOM super-group The Shen Men have announced plans for a nationwide tour set to kick off on the steps of California State Capitol Hill, Saturday, April 23rd in Sacramento.  The event will reunite the long estranged 5-piece original AOM boy band as the

The Seven Habits of Highly Attractive Community Acupunks

1.  Don't obsessively check your email during your shift.  This is especially true if you are in the middle of some kind of custody battle and you are looking for emails from lawyers or soon to be ex-spouses.  You are just asking for trouble.  You know the chances of good

Study: Acupuncture Effective For Pre-Acupuncture Related Anxiety

A new study from the University of Alabama shows that acupuncture is remarkably effective for the anxiety experienced before getting acupuncture.  Dr. Mitzi Lieberman, who pioneered the research project, reported that a statistically significant percentage of subjects felt relief from the crippling anxiety accompanied with getting acupuncture shortly after

Scope of Practice Loophole Allows Monkey to Practice Acupuncture

Capitalizing on a loophole in scope of practice laws for AOM in Oregon, a chimpanzee has been “hired” to needle patients in a southeast Portland clinic.  Peaches, a five-year-old female chimpanzee, has been needling patients for two years at Monkey Shines Community Acupuncture.  “She has amazing skills and gets