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Poked, Punked, and PRN-ed

What does community acupuncture have to do with education? POCA patient member Michelle Cox describes how her journey as an educator was impacted by becoming a patient at Providence Community Acupuncture, and the larger POCA-sphere. The fractal in action!

Nancy on Reception, Seeing, and Being the First Contact

Need a shot of inspiration? Punks and receptors alike will benefit from Nancy's thoughtful reflections on really seeing patients.

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The Making of a Revolutionary -- Keynote by Greg Jones

Before we get started, I’d like to acknowledge that we are on occupied territory of the Cherokee Nation.

Our clinics are pretty special places. No matter where in the world we are located they are places where people from many different backgrounds, socio-economic classes, and

Goodwill Drive Post #4: Let the Needles Do the Work

Our Goodwill Drive for POCA Tech is complete! We raised over $5,000 and collected a slew of beautiful answers to the question: what is the meaningfulness of making acupuncture affordable? Big thanks to April and Annie and everyone else who volunteered to help post them. You can read them here.<

Goodwill Drive Post #3: True Beauty

A week or so ago, WCA superpunk Michelle C. shared this blog post with one of her patients. Here is that person's response to the question, what is the meaningfulness of affordable acupuncture?

""First of all, God's blessings on the person who is not himself,

Transforming the self: Why I Love POCA and POCAfests

So I went to a networking meeting this morning. We talked about collision. And I thought I am so lucky to be a part of POCA and to go to POCAfests, because I've experienced moments of incredible creative inspiration at POCAfests "Inspiration bursts forth from “collision points

Poked, Punked, and PRN-ed: New Free Video!

Sometimes I wish I could make an animated, sci-fi version of the history of POCA and the fractal (because I am a big geek, which you probably knew; but that would entail me being able to draw, which I have to tell you, I can't). But if I could, 

More about Fractals: a Love Letter

OK, comrades, I think I’ve written plenty about the hate mail that WCA has received. I’ve said less about all the sweet notes we get when people send us their business cards for the WCA map. There are lots of those, some short, some longer,

What Never Gets Old?

My favorite lines in Lisa B's blog post below: "You know what never, ever gets old? Group acupuncture sessions when more than one person is moved to display that rowdy enthusiasm of someone suddenly free of pain: beaming, fist pumping above their head, full range of motion

Community Acupunks contribute to “Saplings”, a compilation of acupuncturists’ personal stories

The new book: Saplings - On the Path to Mastery is compilation of essays by sixteen acupuncturists and herbalists about their experiences of the first years of practice. It was edited by Carl Stimson, an acupuncturist currently living in Japan.

The book includes three wonderfully heartfelt essays


You know what's inspiring? People who have been suffering with any number of ailments, be it physical pain or emotional trauma, who say "enough is enough. I want my life back." And then they do it. They commit to what's important: getting their lives back.

It’s official. It’s mutual. It’s love.

A patient called a while back to make an appointment and left a message on our voicemail. She said something really nice. She said: “the sliding scale is love in action.” We’ve been open almost six months now, and the honeymoon is in full swing. I just love

When you set yourself on fire, people will come from miles around to see you burn.

As many of you know, Lisa is a practicing Catholic and that is vital to her work in Community Acupuncture. Myself, I was raised Methodist and am a son of a preacher man. The title of this blog post is a quote from one of the founders of Methodism,

CAN Clinic Hopping

If I had the time, I'd make it a point to get treated at every community acupuncture clinic listed on CAN!  Getting hundreds of treatments would be wonderful in and of itself, but that wouldn't be the only benefit; by being a patient in other clinics, I'd gain more