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Anatomy of an Intake: Intakes Part 1

Intakes! New POCA punks sometimes find them the most daunting part of their jobs. Here's an outline of the essential parts of an intake from Lisa's point of view, along with a few tips. Watch this video before you watch the others in the Intake series.

Intakes for Complex and Chronic Conditions

Community acupuncture can be a great thing for patients with complex, chronic conditions -- but sometimes acupuncturists get scared. How do you deal with multiple, chronic complaints that are difficult to treat in a 5 minute intake? Comrades Karen, Lisa and Wade are here to help with that.

Another Intake and Commentary by Skip

Do you ever wish you could watch a senior punk do an intake and then explain what he was thinking? Skip has 20 years of punking experience, and here's your chance.

3 Intakes in Less than 5 Minutes

You really can do an intake in less than 5 minutes. 3 WCA punks demonstrate their own ways of working with a new patient. Also included: a basic CA treatment for back pain! And of course, how to give a treatment plan -- because no first treatment is complete without that.<

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Busy Without the Burnout

Lately, I have been using something I learned in school at Ad Astra.  I went to Tai $ophia and have the bill to prove it.  This blog isn’t about money or schools though.  Its about clinical practice.


At Tai

Community Acupuncture as a Chess Game

I was thinking more about the issue of not getting behind in the treatment room and helping new employees increase their speed so they are comfortable with seeing many patients/hour, sometimes not in a smooth steady flow, but often in tsunamis - you know...one person is

Thinking about listening.

It seems like at times there is a complete breakdown in listening - the recent "astroturf"-hijacked healthcare town hall discussions being a rather extreme example.  Of course, this easily - and understandably - happens when emotions are high, and when the participants of any given